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How to Test for Asbestos When you Renovate your Home

If you are planning to renovate a property that was built pre-1980, there is a chance that the house contains asbestos and rather than getting stuck into your project, you should arrange for asbestos testing from an approved asbestos removal company. Most people are aware that asbestos is dangerous and it can cause serious respiratory issues, however, these tiny slivers of asbestos fibre are invisible to the naked eye and when ripping out old materials, you could be dispersing asbestos into the atmosphere. In the event you or a member of your family inhales these asbestos fibres, there are no outward signs that anything is wrong; indeed, several years could pass before a person starts to show symptoms of respiratory problems.

Sourcing an asbestos testing service

If you are thinking where you can find asbestos testing near me, look no further than the number one search engine, namely Google. Some providers will send you an asbestos testing kit and you can test the material yourself, while others would arrange to come to your home and carry out asbestos sample testing to find out whether you can safely proceed with the project.

How to prepare for asbestos testing

If you have asked a local asbestos removal contractor to come to your home and test for the presence of asbestos, make sure that the area in question is free of furniture. Do not attempt to remove any material that might contain this harmful material; leave that to the professionals, who have the equipment and the know-how to safely test for and remove asbestos.

Confirmation that asbestos is present

When the test shows that you have an asbestos problem, the next step is to remove the harmful substance and there’s no one more qualified to safely remove asbestos than a state approved asbestos testing company.

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