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Reasons why using a divorce lawyer can save you a lot of heartache

You have been married to who you thought was the partner of your dreams in Adelaide for three years, but things just haven’t worked for some time, and you have lived apart for 8 months. You have tried to compromise and to fair so have they, but it’s not going to work.

It’s devastating, especially for your dearly loved little daughter who you only seen at weekends at present, but divorce is the only answer. Before the potentially messy business of going to court you do some research and conclude that working with divorce lawyers in Adelaide is a wise idea. Fortunately, your partner agrees with you.

Understanding divorce law in Australia

Divorce is the formal dissolution of a marriage, with married couples needing to have been separated for at least 12 months before being able to file for a divorce, which you are almost up to. The law states that there should be no likelihood of you getting back together with your former partner when you file for a divorce.

The court needs to be satisfied that you have been living separately for at least one year and there is no likelihood of getting back together before a divorce is granted. There is no need to prove who is at fault in the breakdown.

Where a divorce lawyer is involved

After offering you help and advice regarding the law, the lawyer can then assist you with the financial settlements and implications that ensue. There is likely to be the need for a property settlement to ensure that assets are distributed correctly.

And by the assets it doesn’t just mean actual property. Other financial items such as bank accounts, shares, superannuation, and pensions will be considered. Add in also specialist equipment, vehicles, and items of value for the lawyer to make a professional assessment.

Then there’s the worst part which will involve your daughter. Hopefully you and your partner will come to a sensible and convivial agreement regarding access, but you aren’t certain. A lawyer will offer compromise advice through mediation. Hopefully this will resolve the best result possible, but sometimes other issues such as child custody, living arrangements, or relocation issues need to be resolved. And the terrible scenario of your ex-partner cutting off communications and you need to find her to see your kid.

In conclusion

Speak to a professional divorce lawyer to try and find the best possible solution to a heartbreaking situation.

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