Wiseman John Chi leaves Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN)? What does it mean?

May 2014 update: The man has apparently started his own ministry in Cameroon. Details here.

UPDATE: John Chi did not leave the church apparently. See details here.

While I cannot claim to know much about SCOAN, I do know that their doctrine  and activities are very suspicious, as we have established in previous postings. However, after today’s service, the news that Wiseman John Chi has left the church has been buzzing all over the place. Of course the first question was Wiseman? What is that?

From the synagogue Website itself:

Wiseman John Chi

Wiseman John Chi

During His earthly ministry, Jesus chose His disciples – men and women of integrity; men and women who would be one with Him in purpose and vision; men and women who would be dependable enough to continue His mission after His departure from this earth. They were men and women of persevering faith (Mark 3:13-18; Matthew 28:16-20). Truly, the greatest legacy any man can leave behind is the development of other people.

Today, evangelists from all over the world and from all walks of life are being mentored by Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN, learning to march with God before being released to march for Him. Already, five men have received Divine anointing and joined T.B. Joshua in ministering to the people every week at The SCOAN, used by God to prophesy, heal and deliver people. They are the Wise Men. They are Wiseman John Chi Meh from Cameroon, Wiseman Racine Bousso from Senegal, Wiseman Daniel Emelandu from Nigeria, Wiseman Christopher Orji from Nigeria and Wiseman Harry from Greece.


The link also contains pictures of all the “wise men”. So what happened? Well according to someone who was in the church today:

I was in church today when the servant of God prophet T.b. Josuah confirmed it, in a service that started in a unusual manner. ie the prophet was supposed to preach of the theme “Be a doer of the word” but instead he changed the massage to”don’t tempt the devil to tempt u”,
In his words we should not tempt the devil to tempt us, or else God will leave us to our own strength, he confirmed it after much questions n pressures from all over the world, of the where about of their favourite wiseman John Chi, he shocked us all, when he said John Chi has dropped, i was shocked, i looked around me and saw tears in saddened faces of everyone around me, The prophet did not say the exact reason why he dropped or was dropped, but he did confirm that wiseman John Chi is the most gifted of all the five wisemen, in terms of prayer, fasting, humility, the most loved. No one is indeed above temptation.


Well TB Joshua Watch has interpreted it to mean that John Chi has seen the light and is turning his back on the church. They are asking people to  drop messages of support for him in this difficult and confusing time in his life. They say that SCOAN will soon go after him. If he left because he has seen the light, then he will face some difficult days ahead. THe church is notorious for their ruthlessness in dealing with breakaways. But we don’t know why he left, so I choose to wait and see what happens next and if he will make any statement either way. Interesting days ahead!


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  • maryanne

    I know its not easy to maintain the presence of holyness, to reach where he was it was by God s grace,people in the whole world lets pray for him.

  • Perhaps ”Wiseman’ Chi is TBJ henchman who left him recently to seek refuge at a partiular church camp? Will ask around!

    • admin

      Please do. I am really curious to know what is going on. Thanks.

    • Tiger

      Why mourn John Chi’s departure. God elevated him he has hIS own ministry named AGCOM Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry in Camaroon.

      He is now Apostle John Chi and let me tell you he’s more anointed than ever before. Gods people doo not take very well when He elevates one of them and calls them out from under man to serve God inn the divine call plsd on his life in John Chi’s case they don’t seem to let go. Ive seen this in churches worldwide. Pastors do not want to allow Evangelists to break away to do Gods bdding and they themselves experienced the same resistance. it is a very old traitionsl habit in the Christian church that mut change. John Chi is ding great things Greater things mybe theres some jealousy, hope not.

  • Do not judge or misinterpret why John Chi dropped. God who we all seek knows best and he does what pleases him for oue own good. Our prayers goes to him and we wish him the best.

  • Kano & joyce ministries

    We pray he ópens his ministry bcoz f the power God has installed in him(prophet Kano)

    • Solina

      Apostle John Chi is the General Oversea of Ark of God Covenant Ministry in Cameroon.

  • Wise man john, l always pray for u everyday, just kwn dat i love u but God love u must , he kwn the best for u .i Misssssssssssssssssss u so much

  • D lord is ur straight, wise man john, i really mis u .u re d best. I pray dat God will have mercy on ur small sin, aturell ur sin is nt big. Let me just live it to God , he kwn the best for u.s.

    • wiseman iam praying for you i respect your gift and i even see you in my vision come back we missssss you

  • Brito Gen

    Dear brothers and sisters in the lord, TBJ is a man we love after a long doubt about his genuineness,however God alone knows his own people.

    About Wise-man John Chi’s matter, i can sense a brain-wash to make people believe another thing about the wise-man, this is a holy-ghost revolution in the church, according to the words of Fidel Castro, i quote ” No great army on earth can stop an idea whose time has come” John chi will have something to tell the world, if there is a mix up of anointing he is in the position to take us back to the right path for God cannot be mocked, i sense a spiritual revolution, please tell him to be very careful about his life from now, he can be poisoned and assassinated, so i advice him to get a refuge and arrange himself in prayers before beginning his ministry, people of God am not a prophet but i can hear the sound of spiritual revolution,,,the church of Jesus must appear without spot or wrinkle,,finally let’s not get hooked to brain-wash, let us all pray for God to allow the truth prevail.

  • Only God Knows best.

    • Joel E

      Only God knows the best and we all should leave the things for God for God to handle it his way

  • nthabiseng

    Let us pray for all wise men, i still consider wise man john chi as one of wise man. God be with him in all decision he makes.

  • Grace


    It is our responsibility as children of God to keep praying for the men and women of God who have risen in our time. The problem with us christians is we are always excited when men and women of God are performing wonders or things are going on well with them. But we forget that these people are as human as we are, they face challenges and temptations. They do pray for us and we also have to do the same. It is my prayer that God will guide John Chi and will direct him with love. We do not know whether he has sinned against God and man or he has been given his own ministry by God. All in all lets join hands in praying for him, the rest of the wise men, Senior Prophet T B Joshua and all men and women of God.


  • Paschalice Kekana

    It will be better if we can stop judging. This are perulous times. Indeed let us pray for Prophet TB Joshua, the four wisemen and wiseman John Chi Meh. Let us also pray for the body of Christ all over the world unceasingly.

  • Dr Duke

    Oh God, why must this happen to your humble servant John Chi, God please take control of this situation, shame the devil Almighty God. John Chi we all love you but God Love you most

  • Nsiiwa Chipuka

    John Chi where ever u are please always remember the only man who helped and guided u to receive the anointing and to be what u are now “TB Joshua” He is your mentor and if any misunderstanding occurred between the two of u, I believe god will have aw ay to solve it. Please go back to SCOAN it is where your life is. May god continue to guide you.

  • Dennis Addor

    What at all is the cause of his leaving. Does he not deserve forgiveness?

  • Prudy Hlase

    As I speaking right now, my eyes are filled with tears. Why John CHi, why SIr, pls if there is anything wrong, pls sit down and discuss and I know God is in control of everything. I pray that Wiseman John CHi may come back in Jesus’ name.

  • Prudy Hlase

    I pray that WiseMan John CHi may come back. I know that Prophet TB Joshua is a humble man and has the heart of GOd if there was a misunderstanding between them they can sit down and settle the matter and move on. Pls as am talking right now my eyes ar filled with tears. May GOd intervene in this matter.

  • matilda ng'omba chananga

    Iam really shocked may the Lord God guide him. He should always remember where he is coming from. Let us all pray for him for Gods intervention in Jesus name.

  • To me the message given by Prophet T.B Joshua conncerning the Wise Man was clear, He was Delivered by an Evil spirit because of lack of following instructions by His spiritual guide and advise from his experienced mentor Prophet T.B Joshua, so as re result, while delivering people he was the one Delivered by evil spirits instead , being overthrown from the heavenly position. It wasn’t the first time it happened, it happened before but they managed to restore him back UP, now its more challenging than before to restore him back UP. The fall is from a high position, not from Church, he is still very much a part of them but no longer holding the same position though he is trying to get back UP there again. THE MESSAGE WAS CLEAR , DO NOT TWIST IT

    • Moses

      @Otty, God bless you my brother. You are more enlightened in all the comments I’ve read here. It shows that there are godly minded people like you following what is going on in SCOAN. We all heard that wiseman John Chi is facing terrible attack from evil, even. A church member testified that on a particular service day, wiseman John chi couldn’t speak out , because his voice was seized spiritually From attack.
      I pray people search for the truth before jumping into unnecessary conclusion.

      May the Peace of the LORD be with everyone. Emmanuel!!!

      • Ntombi Khambule

        I believe that God is appointed man of God John Chi, may God protect him always and give him a vision to all concerning his ministeries

    • Bitrus

      I watched the live broadcast when Prophet TBJ said these words “It is not TBJ that gives anointing it is given by the holy spirit himself and it is very difficult to get it back once you lose it almost impossible. But I will not be the one to tell you about the wiseman”.In the same service when Wiseman Racin came up everybody was expecting to hear some thing about Wiseman JCM and this is what he said “when the prophet saw the anointing on us he called the 5 of us and said you are now 5 wise men but I see one dropping on the way. The prophet taught us and gave us instructions on how to maintain our anointing so as not to lose it. He urged us to guard it jealously. Therefore brethren let us continue to pray for our brother for the lord to dress him back”.
      Therefore from all that have been said it possible that Wiseman JCM is still in the Scoan trying to get back his anoiting from the Holy Spirit.
      moreover,the Prophet has always said and wished that God will raise more wise men in the church to cope with spiritual need of the large congregation. also there is a time when the Prophet said there was a time when a lady was almost at a point of becoming a prophet in the scoan. Remember satan is always looking for a slight opening in the life of a christian to ruin him.Therefore let continue to pray for Wise man John,Harry, Racin, Daniel,Christopher and the prophet (TBJ). Let us also pray for our men of God in our churches because they are praying for us also that the lord should keep us away from Satan. They are human too and not beyond Satan’s traps.

    • biggy

      Yes u are right. Its takes the spirit of a prophect to understand a prophect.

  • Benclean

    Drop as in ” he die”? What sin has he committed that people are praying 4 God to restored him? The sin he committed is still not know, so what kind of prayers do we sapos to pray? My advice, lets wait.. If dre is yesterday and today in every man’s life, then remember dre is also tomorrow… When tomorrow comes, d truth shall speak bcos it can’t b hidden 4ever

  • mmakamba

    my the lord God be with him and reconsider him ,please God check his records and forgive him

  • The reson john is removed is tht he was gonna be the next general overseer of scoan but cameroon cannot take over nigerian church

    • pls gevi be serious, if you realy dont know what to say better be quite than rasing such an aligation,pray than inventing stories as such it will help you and the world

    • agent

      what are u even talking of? u are talking of wanting to be a g.oversear without knowing what he has done. however they themselve know their troubles. we should stop raising false alarm to matters that does not concern us that much.pls remember they all are men of God so i think they can remedy their problem if only there is one.

  • gladness

    John chi where ever you are know that I love you so much and I pray to GOD that you coome back.I don’t know what your going through but I’m crying for you.please come back.GOD intervine!I’m hurt

  • My favourite wise man ever John Chi will always be a wise man to me and my love for him will always be there. I pray to God Almighty to restore you again, won’t stop praying and fasting for u man Mr Meh. God be with u wherever u are. In Jesus’name. Amen

  • Piembeng Dieudonne

    TB Joshua said,”To attend a new level in life you must be ready to go through a little discomfort”,I believed God is about to do a new thing in his life.Let us pray for him that his faith should not faint,but the Good Lord will vindicate him and advance his course.Thank you as you pray for him,the others and their mentor Prophet TB Joshua.

  • One thing that stood out for me, our Daddy Senior Prophet TB Joshua said was “John Chi said I will not let God go until he restores me” this statement definately tells you that Wiseman John Chi is a fighter and he will still fight for his life which gives me courage to pray for him even more. And we Believe that the 4 other Wisemen will pray for him as well. The devil is a LIAR!

  • Ijeh Chinyere

    As am typing am crying where is d lion john chi DAT I love so much my praya is that God forgives him n Tb take him back his presence means a lot I Pray 4 d oda 4 also IJN amen.

  • samuel Mangenge

    Almighty father plz do not put your house to shame ,let peace reign in the SCOAN so that the devil will be put to shame. father please forgive us and restore order in ur church in Jesus name.

  • God will never leave him nor forsake him. He will rise again in Jesus name

  • Awojobi

    Wiseman john chi is still in the scoan, he will come back again, so said the man of God, prophet Tb J. I believe he was stopped by Tb J, to re – energise, he was said to have been stopped for operating mostly from the flesh, instead from the spirit, pray for the man, to rise again. Jesus loves the man than you all, he will come back, so pray the man of God Tb J.

  • knewton

    how i wish we can be enlightened more about the wise man John Chi.can someone who regular goes to SCOAN help me with the bottle of anointing water my email is newtonsim@yahoo.com


    Wise man John Chi we are praying for you i believe that God will sustain you & keep you in the shadow of His wings. keep on trusting Him alone people will talk because they dont now only God nows your heart. i believe the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua is praying for you & your family. Thank you for allowing God to use you, some of us are scared to accept the calling of God in our lives becouse we dont trust God enough with all our hearts for him to use like He was using you. people received deliverece, healing & most of all the Word of God. thank you very much for your obidience rise up do what God called you to do. we love you & God loves you.

  • These bunch of deluded people lamenting over spilt milk, such that the uninitiated would think they are serving the only true GOD. The comment by otty is quite revealing: pls google ”spiritual guide,” ”Sat Gopinatha,” and ”Jesus Ajonichin.”

  • Brito Gen

    @Moses, you are very funny! do not be a fanatic listen to your inner mind and the holy spirit, this is an indirect blackmail, nothing was said specifically, if he committed any offense our elder brother Tb Joshua will announce it clearly, he did not do anything because they don’t go out,they all stay together with their mentor and no woman was smuggled into their holy of hollies, this is a break-out problem and i pray he do, let God use him in his own way, don’t worry,,God is@work we shall all be cleared soonest. Emmanuel

  • The almighty father who created everyone knows the best way to make use of everyone. Wiseman John Chi Meh is a “man of God”. It does not matter what. I am very much convinced that Jehovah the creator is on his side. one thing I noticed however was a very powerful sermon given by him (probably the last one) It was too powerful to challenge anyone, even the holding pillars (G.O.) of every xtian institution including SCOAN. I was at the time thinking of what the outcome of the sermon would be or the reason for such “Fear-no-man” sermon.
    Certainly something is right or wrong somewhere but only the MIND OF GOD WILL PREVAIL.
    May the will of Jehovah continue to prevail in our lives. Amen

  • Moses

    @Brito Gen, seems you got me wrong my brother . Pls go through my comment again. I did not mentioned any thing regarding woman, I only said evil attack , which a member of the church also testified that wiseman John chi could not even talk , because his voice was seized.
    I am not a fanatic, you need God , I mean the Holy Spirit when it comes to spiritual matters. Example is about job, did job offended God or it was God that allowed job to face evil attack from the devil himself. Read the bible and also check my comment. God bless you my brother. All we need is to pray for those that are still standing , less they fall also, and pray for wiseman josh chi for spiritual restoration. I really love him and I believe God is preparing him for a greater level.

  • Please everyone try to check this link. The holy spirit is telling us something here.

  • I pray that he comes back soon.I love the ministry.May someone send me anointing water – genesis.andro@gmail.com

  • HolyI

    Did the Man of God say , “Wise man John Chi has dropped” or that he (Man of God) dropped John Chi?”
    Almighty father please make your word clear to your children. We all clinked to the Synagogue because we believed and still believe that TB Joshua is your servant. Please open the eyes of our faith so that we may see you.Dropping a Man like John Chi may put your house to shame. What are the other wisemen saying? Are they save, who next? What a sin that could not be forgiven, what a decision so hard to swallow. Man of God, pray with us that John Chi be restored even higher. The shame is not only on him but on the entire SCOAN. Father, let peace reign in the SCOAN so that the devil will be put to shame.

    • agent

      what are u even talking of? u are talking of shame without knowing what he has done. however they themselve know their troubles. we should stop raising false alarm to matters that does not condern us that much.pls remember they all are men of God so i think they can remedy their problem if only there is one.

  • JesusIsLord

    The devil is our enemy. We must be united against the enemy and support each other and genuine man of God, no matter what. Jesus warned that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. To be divided is the devil’s potion, not ours. All followers of Jesus must unite and support each other. We have God’s Grace to redeem us no matter the fall. The devil does not – he is forever condemned and he knows that. Of course he is going to be jealous. Let’s keep John Chi and all the wise men and Prophet TB Joshua in our prayers always. Let’s not take anything for granted.

  • I no Dat God is prepairin john chi to de next level.b4 one becomes great in life u must face temtations.wen the prophet himself started the ministry he face alot.it one of those tins.dis even hapens to prince gozie nwaokeke.it a similar case john wia eva u are God almighty dat u save must c u true.AMEN happy 2 see soon @SCOANS

  • Tshifhiwa Patricia Mphaphuli

    Wise man John Chi. May the grace of God be with You wherever you are.Remain wise, I was in synagogue church of all nations when you delivered a lady , who said she is the devil herself. Remember your special messages,You are a good example Jonh chi. We still need you.

  • Joseph laryea

    Lets all pray for John .

  • Rex Davies

    My advice goes to all believers of Jesus Christ.let’s not b ignorant for our accuser d devil walked abt searching whom to devour. To wise man Chi, I pray ur commitment, dedication and sacrifices wll speak for u. And ur luv for God shl not wax cool.

  • Pleasant

    Wiseman John Chi he a man just like as all, can we please keep on praying for him than judging him? We are all so much attached to Scoan for what the Lord is doing, but because of that, the devil will always try to find a way to steal, kill and destroy the work of God. As you see, the kingdom of darkeness has been destroyed left and right and devil has been exposed there at Scoan in so many ways, and we have seen and witnesses the might move of God, why don’t we stand together and pray for the man of God to restore him for this special ministry. is not so much important to know what had happend to him, the important thing is to stand on his behalf and ask God for His forgiveness and restoration. I hate to see us arguing about the man of God and the devil is very much pleased with what had just happend to John Chi because is what he wanted, so guys lets pray for the work of God and also for our Father Snr Tb Joshua, Wiseman and all christians. This is a wake-up call to call christian around the globe that we should pray for one onother in Jesus’ name.

  • Divino Alicante

    I pray for my wise man John Chi.. may the lord strengthen him and make him more useful tool for these last days we are in. I pray no matter what sin he has committed may the lord God forgive him as he did in the old with the prophets and servants of God. Please wise man John Chi we love you and we pray for you in Jesus names . Emmanuel.

  • Upon hearing the news about John Chi, I felt like a part of me is missing. However, Let us join together in prayers for his restoration to the position he was before in Jesus Name

  • enoch

    I see more of self driven comments. The Lord of the Church; Jesus Christ will in due time glorify Himself. Let us watch and see for the Lord is at work. I love TBJ but I still have this inner witness that his ministry is not of God. I am not always comfortable with any church where the leader is unquestionable, many denomination founders are like that, the New Testament did not teach of the emergence of wise men, instead we are royal priests and are all brethren with different gifts. Many will not agree with me but I am only patient and waiting. If tomorrow I am wrong I will be glad to accept their teachings but for now I stick to my bible, their is no superior Christian bcs mercy and grace is all we have. Christians wake up and read the hand writing on the wall

  • a Nathan

    Presumptuous article.
    He has in fact not left the SCOAN, he is still there and seeking God for his restoration. In fact TB Joshua said in the full sermon that we should pray that when it is time for more wise men or women to be raised that John Chi will be among them.

  • Wisan

    John Chi will be bak and even more stroger

  • Eudora

    People of God lets just pray for him and our prophet instead of saying this and that God help us.

  • Chima Uwah OGBUH

    It is so sad and heart breaking to see and contemplate what is happening in the SCOAN. However, I believe God knows the best for us who trust and believe in our prophet. I know the man of God prophet TB Joshua to be a wise and intelligent man that will not make mistakes at this trying time. Baba, take it easy because it is part of your trial. I believe and know you will come out of this victorious just as you have always done in the past! May God continue to bless and be with you!

  • wiseman John Chi God z stil saying something…u ar in our prayers and in due course u wil restored…u hv nt comited an unforgivable sin….this is to prepare u fr a beter position nd to stengthen yo desire fr God. we love u so much i evn call u my father nd im stil in denial of watever z being said. pple shld stop judging u bt ratha knw tht satan z our comon enemy wh hs cme to steal.kill nd destroy….lets all stand and pray fr ths man we need him more nd more….prophet pray fr our wiseman john chi to come bek….

  • Johnston Mkyelu

    Why happening at this time? John Chi think twice before God Himself do for you. God loves you more that is why He gave you that gift. May God Himself reverse your decision. Satan has no power whatsoever. May God lead us in this difficult times.

  • Ronald Kalilombe

    Lets join hands to pray for him for restoration.

  • Molemo-waOne

    I almost shed a tear when i finally heard of what became of wiseman John Chi. For the past weeks i’ve been asking myself as to why is he not ministering again with the other four. After senior prophet TB Joshua spoke publicly about the matter on Emmanuel TV, all i can say is that God isn’t finished with you yet Mr Meh. God’s word is clear in Romans 8:28. We’ll miss you dearly but it’ll only be for a while, obviously being the most humbled, gifted in prayer and fasting and the most loved, challenges that come against you will also be as fiecre as God’s purpose about your life. I will never forget the deliverance you ministered on one of the ladies whom the spirit in her said she was lucifer. Allow God to do what He wants to do in your life. You’ll always be in my prayers. And to all the wisemen in Scoan and prophet TB Joshua, the assignment and responsibilities that God has trusted you with for the salvation, deliverance, healing and restortaion of the many lives that the devil has rioted against, is beyond comprehension. Like an atomic bomb, you’re really blasting to pieces the evil works of satan’s kingdom. Guard against his tactics for backlashes and counter-attacks. You’ll all remain in my prayers and those of who understand God’s calling upon your lives. Stay Blessed

  • Blessed

    John chi wax de wise men dat prayed 4m wen i visited scoan 1st,and as long as leav i lv u,GOD must surely bring what ava dat is happining 2u nw 2end soon,and u shal stl be our wise man again,

  • felix mwansa

    I pray that God all creation will restore John chi coz God is love,you are given already pliz come back and do what set for,the lord love you,my prayer to tb Joshua don’t lose him prayer,remember we sons and daungter of love.

  • This is the most difficult time for John Chi. The church should pray earnestly for him. God will restore him back. Satan can tempt anyone anytime anywhere but God restores and wipe away tears.

  • Anochiam chima

    Oh Lord..why?????…many faith will b affected..though the message 4rm our humble prophet about job in the bible really corroborated the matter..but we the youth that are spiritually low..will alws judge by ideas..pls let sombody say God’s intervention..we love U john chiiii..crying..this is byond my comprehension…sinc on sunday all i think and dream is john chi…my beloved john chi ur revival is a fact..its not negotiable


    I think that all that is done in darkness will be brought to light as the bible says.
    if he is a prayer and fasting man of our times, it means God has revealed more than SCOAN can handle. SCOAN should stop leading people to hell.


  • Anyone who is part of the body of Christ should pray for the restoration of the other part of the body. No judgement remember we are a body as a church.


    we know and strongly believe God knows the best and has a reason for everything so we just have to pray along with prophet tb joshua and the wise men hoping to get an answer and a solution GOD IS STILL SAYING SOMETHING.

  • Pleasant

    I think the best way to answer all these question ringing in our minds is to pray for him. What happened to wisemen John Chi is a learson to all of us as christians that we should pray for one one onother. Those people who are used by God mightly they need our support in everything. The devil will never take a leave because he knows that his time is short, but we christians are still critising one another. Wisemen John Chi is a human being just like us all, Lets pray for him to be restored and he must go back to his ministry in Jesus’Name.


    Brethren, no need to judge, only God KNOWS his best reason of leaving the church, but my prayer is that God should give his servants all over the world the direction to follow and make heaven at last, after all that is our target as children of God. except you don’t belong there.

  • dontJudge

    Why are you leaving out something else Prophet TB Joshua said? In the same service you are talking about, which I also watched, Prophet TB Joshua made it clear that just before the five Wisemen could start ministering, him and five of them were on the mountain praying and fasting, and God said “one of the five will drop”,,,this worried Prophet TB Joshua so much coz God dint tell him which one, but he told five of them what God said, he said; “look, God says one of you will drop oo, and four will remain, but He hasn’t told me who yet”…Anyway, time came for them to start ministering as Wisemen, but Prophet TB Joshua was still searching God about who will drop…finally, God told him it is John Chi who will drop out. So Prophet TB Joshua called John Chi and told him what God said, and advised him to stay on guard, and told him that he must really follow the instructions of God to be safe. Prophet TB Joshua has all these on tape, you know God has given him a gift of keeping records. But he did say that he will not issue the tape for when they were on the mountain or the tape in which he was talking to John Chi until God wants him to show to the world. Same thing happened, about 30 years ago when God was calling him into ministry, he told him to record everything from the start because as God told him “some people will question where you started from” – but at the time when people started questioning him and defaming his name, he didn’t show the documentary dated from 1988, he waited until God gave him a green light when many people including “Christians” will swallow their pride and be embarrassed at the torment they tried to inflict on the man of God and the true Prophet appreciated all over the world,,,of cause for some leaders it was pure jelousy and others skepticism. So what else, is it the first time a minister drops from his duties as a minister, it happens all over the world, why dig into this? But one thing we know, is that the God of Prophet TB Joshua and my God will restore the Wiseman back to his ministration duties, in Jesus Name!!!!!

    • ANGEL

      u said it all. judas was he not JESUS himself disciple did he sold our SAVIOUR. nobody is above temptations. if not for somebody like tb john chi might still be walking with his past glory. God who put him there will bring him back because his mercy is endures forever.

  • Patrick Tarimu

    In ALL things (good or bad) God works them together for the good of all who love The Lord.

  • i dont believe what i see if is realy true ,we must be strong for both of them wise man and TB J is really sad .

  • Wiseman John Chi, God loves u, lets all pray fr prophet TB j and th wiseman. God is in control we shld nt faint and loose heart

  • O God let ur will be done

  • God u are the God of impossibilities let ur devine mrecies be with ur servant John Chi and scoan

  • Ikenna ibe

    May God looked at faithfulness of his humble servant t b joushua and restore our beloved wiseman john chi we are praying for him and other rest of wiseman statan is a liar pls what ever it maybe may God of t b joushua forgive you nigeria africa and the world love you john chi

  • Tshilidzi

    Scoan ministry is above human comprehend and anything associated with it must be viewed from the spirituality point of view. The disappearence of John Chi is so disturbing mostly to the children of God.Scoan ministry does not belong to any individual let alone TBJ it is for all of US black, whites any living creatures. JOHN CHI COME BACK HOME FOR THE SAKE OF THE SOULS OF THE PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. COME BACK PLEASE COME BACK. THE WORLD LOVES YOU.

  • Only God can judge. And hi knows better

  • SAM LJ

    John chi, i dnt knw abt d rumour they re saying abt u, we d children of God dnt nid to tell u dat is not evrybdy dat like wht is going on in scoan so pls b carefull like ur master d great prophet of God follow his footstep, thank God u hv a master that hears frm GOD. Pls guide ur salvation jealously u knw d implication more than i.

  • we should all hold onn for now, and let papa of the house speak. bcs john chi can not just leav just like that there is some thinging rong some were, let us all pray. that GOD ahould speak true his servant papa t.b.j cos i have stay around him befor, the typ of holyness in his is too powerful that some needone a grace and holyness to stay in the synagouge as minister of jesus christ, that man prohpet t.b j is closet firnd to GOD. that allways speak the mind of GOD. so let all wait and here from the snr papa himself..


    People of God thank God for prophet tb jousha and the HOLY spirit who realved to him about john chi. my dear brother and sister delivering people from demonic spirit is not easy it take the grace of the Alimighty. every blessed sunday they meet with different types of demons, pls pray for them. most especially our senior prophet tb for more grace and annoiting upon his blessed life.


    pls i want to use this oppournity to say this, some group of men re using wise men daniel to dupe people on facebook fb id is wise man daniel pls this set of devilish people is out there destroying the image of the wise men daniel. this is account num in which was give to me for tithe zenith bank yugbovwre kparobo account num 2005674819. please if any one know the officals site of scoan please post this or give me the link so i can do dat my self.

  • Jesus' baby

    I dnt reali know what to say abt de whole tin but i just pray dat wise man John chi will come back somday n join de oda wisemen in Jesus name,AMEN.Wiseman John Chi whereva u are i just want u to know dat i Luv n miss u so much n also to tell u nt to turn away from God 4 he reali luv u n want to save souls through u,pls i beg u com back we reali miss u.LUV U!!!

  • Sunil Samuel

    Dear brother John chi I love you I used to get blessed by your inspiring and wonderful messages as human beings we have certain limits maximum like Jesus even if less Jesus helps us like he helped peter from the water. Some times we cannot take more so be neutral and be still somebody is greater than you don’t think much. I also have been to a place where i thought my mind will break my question was what after death then I seen a light of Jesus Christ. And you have feeling guilty about the past don’t run from God but run to God. I am praying for you.

  • Sunil Samuel

    Don’t feel lonely we live in him move in him have our existence in him. Don’t
    think much about God.

  • Sunil Samuel

    And many backslide because they don’t know the options and we cannot live without doing things so we have to know what God has allowed to continue, and so devil deceives many and makes fools to do evil. God didn’t told after you are born again don’t breath, don’t eat, don’t enjoy in the right way don’t be angry God says my anger will do it. God doesn’t say don’t be jealous rather he says I am a jealous God. God doesn’t say don’t take little wine for your stomachs sake I know more is not good. God didn’t told don’t marry But he told don’t commit adultery.

  • Sunil Samuel

    God told Abraham walk upright before me and I will bless you. Faith paves the way of future. Everybody cannot be like Elijah to be taken alive. Everybody cannot be like Abraham to live 175 year.


  • I together with the other people pray for God to Recover him from whater demon seem to possess him, in Jesus name. Amen

  • stanley

    Wise man John Chi we love you.

  • mwamba

    please people lets pray for our prophet and the wise men it is not easy the devil’s eyes and eyes are focused on our man of God Trying everything possible to destroy the Church.



  • Ayodele olu

    God as allready perfect is work in john chi life,there for everything that is happening naw is for the glory of God

  • We cannot love John Chi more than the finger that fed him. we all know the prophet is Gods messenger. he knew what would happen from the onset. let us remove emotion and pray for them.

  • Ushindi Mahamba

    My children and I loves you, please come back home your place still there. We miss you

  • I pray that our God almighty who strenghten us all should annoit wiseman Jo
    hn chi like never before so that he can come back, in Jesus name amen…..

  • Paz call John back .Scoan is God given ministry . Forgive him prophet TBJ pz

  • Emmanuel Nwankwo

    Pls let us be careful how we present TBJ here concerning John chi.Scoan is a house of GOD ALMIGHTY so when next u want to write any story about pls fear God

  • Ani helen

    Ministerial issue is a spiritual thing,it take a spiritual giant like God to tackel it.l pray for Godly intervention on this issue.

  • ogochukwu

    we all pray that John chi will come back soon? our Prophet said he might come back with the new wise men that will be comming out soon

  • Humphrey

    Oh! How I love him. He touch me, he prayed for me. God has always been in charge. May God be his strength anywhere he is. May God continue to uphold and grow SCOAN. May God continue to bless His instrument on earth Prophet T.B. Joshua.

  • Wiseman John Chi was the first wiseman i saw on tv and he impressed me so much. I have missed him greatly. I pray he comes back.

  • Charles Mwansa

    People of God,lets pray for the man of God prophet TB Joshua and his wisemen.The devil is really not happy with what God is showing his wonderfull works and his power through his servants.God bless them.

  • Maria

    Pls John Chi come back we are missing you

  • Elvis

    It is the Almighty that giveth and taketh. I believe God will restore our beloved wiseman soon. In every situation, God is saying something.Satan can never succeed in overtaking a faithful servant of our Lord.Only GOD knows why he allows this to happen

  • arrey david

    pls man of God, i wish to know what is the reason for the drop of the wiseman john chi, because i heard he is now in cameroon and wants to hold a crusade there. if that is true why is it not official from the SCOAN. bcause as far as i know the scoan if a wiseman from there wants to organise any such crusade it will be announced. man of God pls enlighten us

  • peace

    NO man is above temptation, JESUS was himself tempted but yet without sin. we might sin, or drop but what makes us children of GOD and christain is the power to rise up and snob the devil to his face and tell the devil i am back and stronger, we go through some chanlanges that GOD can manifest his glory, i am a leader in my local church i droped but now i am up and stronger, wise chi may the grace of the Lord and his strenght be with you even as you stand up tall in his glory in the name of JESUS

  • Tunde Joy Omolere

    my father in the Lord, God will give you knowledge to handle this situation concerning John Chi, thank you my Daddy


    I want the SCOAN To always pray for John Chi wherever he his and GOD should reviv him back to SCOAN Because I somuch love SCOAN, and I am proud of prophet TB JOSHUA and the rest prophet, I believe through my prayer and the prayer of SCOAN GODALMIGHTY WILL REVIV him back, through our MID NIGHT prayer GOD will bring him back to the fold.GOD bless Nigeria, GOD bless SCOAN.

  • if t.b joshua is a devil as most people are sayn,he will cover john sins so that he would not xpose them.but my father in the lord sacked him bcos he has no secrete.just the way pst adeboye sack some pastots stealing in the church.

  • who knows what is going on in Chi’s life.
    is only God who knows,HE is our
    our creator, He said in His word that we should raise our head and see heaven and the distance as well, that is how his thoughts are far away from
    our thoughts.
    God is the final savour,my prayer for him is that let the protection of GOD be double in his life……AMEN!!!!

  • Edatire Patrick

    I have not been to SCOAN once but each time i wacth JOHN CHI, i see God in him. Whatever has happened, Man of God, please bring him back. May God continue to guide you for your good work.

  • div sil

    only God knows.let us leave it for God.

  • Read the interview and see how he is talking with so much love about tbjoshua

  • teagha

    May the good Lord guide and protect the wise man. Please God bring CHI back for we miss him very much.

  • kingsly abeje ndong

    I know that our God is not a give and take God, I think there must be a stronger match after this semi finals, so God as the best coach and all wisdom has kept him for for preparation untill the final match.

  • Salut…john chi i do remember your messages:reshape your destiny,all is of grace and others. Your preaching was the raison wy i was waching emmanuel tv. So please if you have start preaching again we wish to read you again . Please have a site where we can easly find and read you again. If you are called by the lord do not wipe your self out. So many people love you and are praying for you

  • let the will of God prevail over all situation


  • Jeronimo

    Father let your merci and favour speak for Man of God Prophet TB Josua, and all the Wise Men, and remember also Wise man John Chi,might your merci falls in all whom serve you in SCOAN, in Jesus Name, Amen.

  • Eucharia

    Still can’t hold back d tears,God pls have mercy on wise man chi,restore him n bring him back to scoan cos he has not finished his assignment

  • lethogile mosolena

    lets leave everything to god…

  • Vimbai G. Malianga

    I miss you wisema John Chi,

  • jid abo

    The revelation on the mount, when the wise men and senior prophet t.b joshua went for prayers, says it all as reported here.It was divinely ordered, hence God knew why it happened.May God continue to direct the course of His servants.

  • Obele AJ

    In every situation God has something to say, let God remain true and every man a lier, may the will of God wish is always done be done, wise-man John Chi I pray that God’s spirit bestore on u the peace of Jesus Christ and that may God lead in the right track for his names sake and above all I’m praying that someday you’ll return to SCOAN in Jesus’ name, AMEN

  • Monica Z. Bayero

    I pray that the spirit of God will convict John Chi to come back to SCOAN and let God’s will be done concerning his situation. I pray for God’s intervention and continue to pray for him and the other men of God because they really need our prayers too, in asmuch we need theirs.

  • Bertha Mpofu

    I love Prophet TB Joshua and five Wiseman. they are my role models. Wiseman John Chi I love you, you are very powerful. I miss you, all my prayers are with you. I trust in you. I cant wait to see you again doing what you can do best. Emmanuel.

  • Mumbe Cletus T

    As God chose you in the first place to serve Him, all what is happening now is surely for a reason. Just as He is as faithful as the sun, He will undoubtedly raise you to what peak He wanted you to reach in your service to Him, Amen !

  • We rily mss u man of God John Chi n whereva u r knw tht u r luvd n yo ministry mssd so mch.owez knw tht sam1 frm Zambia appreciets th calng of th Lord upon yo lyf.am owez inspired weneva I rid yo sermon “followng th directn of yo callng” whlst stl in SCOAN.plz sam1 2 updet me wher wiseman John Chi z @ th moment.

  • Anita

    the bible says we should not judge let us just keep praying for John Chi God will bring him back. AS TB Joshua always says”LET LOVE LEAD”

  • Dele Ogunlade

    God has a purpose for whatever He does. He understands better why He does certain things, and it does not matter weather it pleases man or not. He may choose to tell nobody the reason for doing so. This is one of the attributes that makes Him almighty. “And I hated Esau” (Mal 1:2-3). Was Esau a bad person? for this purpose He warned us (man) to judge not. We might not know weather God want Wiseman John Chi to learn a particular lesson and consequently refine him for a greater future. or that God just needed his service for such short period of time in SCOAN (God forbid).Let us be praying for him and other standing wisemen that the kingdom of darkness will not take glory over their lives in Jesus’ name

  • Lets pray so that GOD will reveal the truth unto us,GOD bless you.

  • Prayer Warrior

    Apostle John chi is in Cameroon… The Ministry, whose main building in currently under construction, is called the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry, with acronym as AGCOM.



  • Ndi John (Cameroon)

    I was surprised in the month of april 24 seeing poster of wiseman John Chi .reminding people of his crusade at the bamenda municipal stadium on 26 /27 of april 2014.If it is true that wiseman John had dropped out of SCOAN.Then let us pray for od’s guidance on our men of God.please let some christians of SCAON and the world churches don’t put it; “JESUS & JUDAS matter” instead we should pray for SCAON,CHI and the most repected of our time(T.B JOSHUA) .Please Daddy we in Cameroon are really in need of SCAON here. Stay Bless an more grease.GOD’s Right is all that powerfull. Thanks.

  • Maggie Nthara

    God is in control, don’t worry all lovers of SCOAN, I know it is disturbing but God is in control.

  • Ndeli Albert

    i pray God be his helper even as he go through this transformation period for God’s divine empowerment and greater …………


  • kels paul

    b/c is time


  • nandi

    Do not judge 4u will be judge. Let’s comit all to GOD in prayer.


    the bible says we should not judge let us just keep praying for John Chi God will bring him back. AS TB Joshua always says”LET LOVE LEAD”

  • Thomas yessok

    i say that i belive in what the prophet joshua and his wise men do.GOD is with all of them.john chi in cameroon, god be blessed

  • Just found infos on yt about John Chi. I will not forget the deliverances I saw him doing at SCOAN. I remember Cameroun would not let TB Joshua into the country. Now John Chi as Camerounian is doing his task. Gods ways are great.

  • andindilile

    All Gods works are monitored and reguleted by God Himself.so let’s just pray for John chi.

  • Abraham Chidozie Isaac

    The Best Still Yet To Come

  • Maneo

    Let’s pray for him and wisemen and prophet TBJoshua,lord is good all the time,always satan is a liar

  • Yemi david

    Lord jesus christ intervene,u make a way where seems to be no way.

  • Shaleen

    In instances like this we should be more prayerful else the devil himself will use this misconception of ideas to trample over us. watch out!

  • Oaikhena F

    People living in the world please Listen to my comment,prophet TB joshua is my mentor and my spiritual father shall him remain.because i have seen him face to face,worship under his preaching and deliverance.i have ate from his spiritual annointing and its blessed phyisical food and i know how the power of ALMIGHTY GOD on it…as for wiseman John chi is my wiseman and i love his worked well done when he was under his mentor prophect TB joshua and i pray the annointing abide in him forever.

  • Akas YY

    Wiseman John Chi tell me , you are a respected man in the scan, you suppose to be a model, why do you have to leave? If something is wrong with that churh and you who know refuse to tell the world, many souls will perish and God will hold you responsible. You will never escape his anger. Thank you.

  • Nash Maramba

    l hope and know he will be back after some trials:-GOD IS NOT MOCKED.If it is a sensational pride that gripped his heart hoping to go and start his ministry or whatever,God will pardon.My brother John Chii God is not a man that he will be pleased when some of his Annointed got hurt in heart over another one ‘s falling return to the way you were uplifted.
    Don’t try to make the world think there something evil you noted.I Pray That God ALMIGHTY To Keep And Pardon you from straying. I Love You.

  • Benjamin

    God is wonderful in all He does. Wise Man John Chi, may God be with you everywhere you are, we pray that should bring you back safely in Jesus name.

  • As high as da heavens are above da earth so high are da ways of God to man. The words from da prophet wr loud n clear, so shdnt try to twist it for wateva reason. Da best we cn do now is to ask God for marcy on wise man john chi including some of us hu have made false accusations nd judgment on an issue we kno nothing abt, live it for God n oh Son of David have marcy. My goes out to you wise man john chi, da scoan i love you… let your wil be done oh lord JESUS

  • As high as da heavens are above da earth so high are da ways of God to man. The words from da prophet wr loud n clear, so weshdnt try to twist it for wateva reason. Da best we cn do now is to ask God for marcy on wise man john chi including some of us hu have made false accusations nd judgment on an issue we kno nothing abt, live it for God n oh Son of David have marcy. My heart goes out to you wise man john chi, da scoan i love you… let your wil be done oh lord JESUS


    let him that think he stand take heed less he falls
    those that run to him in repentance and in good faith. he will not cast out, many falls and stood up even stronger, e.g apostle Peter, falling is not falling total quiting is, rise up wise man and let Godswill be done in your life. Dear lord God all mighty. I thank you for your goodness on prophet TB Joshua, the wise men, scoan
    and Christians all over the world


    I was devastated when I heard that JOHN CHI was asked to step aside and for a long while no concrete follow up on the issue came to light, the rumors that unfolded were numerous.I saw JOHN CHI at a close range while he was at SCOAN, for months he was part of SCOAN team that were sent to Portharcourt branch of SCOAN on weekly basis in 2005/2006. the onus fell on me to house and feed them while the exercise lasted.JOHN presented himself as a very hard working and dedicated man who knew from onset that he was called for a mission,his attributes were clearly that of a man set to accomplish alot in his chosen career. His love for GOD was apparent.We are extremely happy that has found a base, and besides,that he has seemingly gotten the BLESSING of the man of GOD[ TB JOSHUA] whom he has correctly and constantly refered to as his mentor.Surely better is not good enough for the best is yet to come.

  • Man P

    God is in control of every situation, let love lead. No one can predict God s mind so let the will of God be done. We pray for grace of God to lead jonchi to green pastures with love.

  • i so much lov tb joshua n d wise men ‘i have seen God s hand through all of dem in my life .John chi i love.

  • it was really surprising wn news was all round that one of d wisemen has dropped from d scoan as d prophet says, don’t tempt d devil to devil to tempt u as der numerous questions in d minds of people.All we shld do is to pray for our brother john so dat we too wil not b tempted.God alone should knw why such things happen so lets not judge bt look on to God.i believe though a father may say to his son,i disown u toda
    y as my son bt deep in him he loves him so much.our prophet stil loves his son n we r all praying to see him back someday.we miss u John n remain blessed.




  • ‘By dia fruit u shall know dem.’ These men are from GOD, dia message is true-believe them. God bless the prophet and the wisemen, may God protect and guide them against any satanic plans. How i wish i could humble myself before the lord like these men. Pls, lord help me…

  • I visited SCOAN on 2013 wise man John Chi delivered me, he also give me a chance to explain to him my problems. he is so humble , so kind,he is a real man of GOD, let us all pray for him and his ministry John Chi is also a blessing to the whole world .I personally wishes him to grow like his spiritual father senior profet T.B Joshua . i usually call him Mr stand right and talk.


    Judge not,for you may be judged.”I alone knows the plans that I have for you,plans to bring prosperity and not disaster but plans to about the future you hope for”,Jeremiah 29:11 says. So God alone knows what he has for Wise Man John Chi. Glory be to God in the highest forever and ever. Amen

  • God will surly finish what he has started in that ministy. God will see all of them through.

  • Kenneth Elemuo

    It’s only God knows what happened, why John Chi left SCOAN, i can’t tell but i will like to know his way about, he’s working for God, he’s not supposed to be hidden whereever he is, let him expose himself and let us know where he is, we are hungry of him, atlest let him show himself or just come back to SCOAN to greet people, please John Chi, just let us know where you are.

    If you have started a Ministry, whatever you are doing let us know but make sure you are in good relationship with your mentor TB Joshua, so that God will not be angry for you, some people are looking for such an opportunity to have such a mentor.

    TB Joshua, Jesus of our time

  • You people should stop decieving yourself. That scoan is an evil ministry and any followers of it is going straight to hell. Fact

    • Patricksa

      Hi Lovy

      I am supprised at your sudden judgement of SCOAN and its followers, that they are going straight to hell. Do you have any concrete evidence on the contrary or you just rely on hearsay. Even if you have evidence you have no right to judge the people of God as such. God loves you as He does to others also.
      Stay blessed in Jesus Name

  • Man of GOD more grace in jesus name

  • Judge no one for you not to be judged,let us comes together to pray for the pastors ND pastress we have in Nigeria,I no oneday GOD we show us the way.

  • Patricksa

    I think it’s time we accept that God has moved him out the SCOAN for another assignment. This mourning and crying won’t help anyone, but let’s accept God’s plan for Jonh Chi.

  • moses eke

    no body can fight for God neither can any man lift a burden for God. God knows every thing, any who is curious to know exactly what led to John Chi’s dropping should confine himself/herself to a solitude and pray for a revelation where is there is no lie. people should stop all suspicion.

  • moses eke

    no body can fight for God neither can any man lift a burden for God. God knows every thing, any one who is curious to know exactly what led to John Chi’s dropping should confine himself/herself to a solitude and pray for a revelation where is there is no lie. people should stop all suspicion.

  • peter

    greetings to our father in Lord Tb Joshua and the wise men,wise man daneil,wiseman harry wise man Racine,wise man Christopher,john chi.pls peoples of GOD lets pray for body of Christ but don’t judge

  • peter

    i pray for more anionting to our father tb joshua,and the wisemen in Jesus name amen

  • brenda

    I’m in pain to lose john chi wasn’t easy task but ipray that he may stay under GOD’s protection till we see him again alive please GOD help him tobe true to you and to himself

  • Bernard Dinhidza

    Aaaa Jonh Chi yu a like Judas again yes judas iscariot why why yu only need more money now yu come agaist TB Joshua anyway its ok there is nothing we can do

  • samsin

    you see most of thez time when things happen we dont always tink before we say things wihit our moughtd but God only knows shy jhon chi left. Let love lead!!!! his now in cameroon


    greetings to our father in Lord Tb Joshua and the wise men,wise man daneil,wiseman harry wise man Racine,wise man Christopher,john chi.pls peoples of GOD lets pray for body of Christ but don’t judge. were is wise men this days pleas i need information.
    All best wishes for SCOAN.


    May God bless you man of God Wiseman.God predestined you before the foundation of the world and He putted a invisible vision in your heart.Now it is the time to place what was in the invisible world to the visible world.so as born again believer regarless denominations and nations let us support him in our daily prayers because he is not working on his own account but he is working on God’s account in expanding the kingdom of God.I never see Apostle John Chi face to face but I am very glad to see what God is now doing in Africa in raising great and powerful men of God in our continent.God has a wonderful plan for Africa and let us thank God for what he is doing daily in our continant.pastor Wa-ibera in Beni/DRc

  • Prince

    there is something that i will like us to understanding about God’s move, when God moves change must occur.let us just pray John Chi walk according to God’s direction and to make the right choice in life, one thing that the devil likes to see in your life is diversion of visions.Nobody knows what really transpired between him and Senior Prophet TB Joshua. therefore we shouldn’t conclude now about the whole matters. even if he has sinned but the bible says that no sin that the lord can not forgive and my prayer is that let God’s perfect will be done to the shame of the devil and to the Glory of God. John Chi God can not fail, hold on Him for He cares for you.

  • First of all, I rebuke the writer who has no sense of judgement and wayward in his/her view about SCOAN.

    My advice to you;Say NOT what you do not know and judge NOT what you do not have idea about.
    John Chi may leave to establish his own ministry, that’s his right. But I think it’s a good idea to wait until you are let go and take blessing from the one that groomed you.
    Nevertheless, you have chosen a part to continue the work of God and not fall out. So what’s the big deal in that? People of God, please don’t let some baby writer disturb your concentration. Do NOT shift your FOCUS a bit.

    God Bless.
    Emmanuel: God with us.(Matt 1:23).



  • I realized that our thoughts are not God’s thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-10, makes this very clear. Often times we confuse our thoughts and desires with God’s thoughts. To say that “one of the wisemen will drop is one of God’s thoughts. God is Sovereign. I also realized that the most Perfect prayer is “Let Your Way be my way”. Why do we resist what we call evil? Jesus said: Do not resist the evil one. Matthew 5:39. What is the meaning of that?. Let us do some research. God knows what He is doing.Why do we resist, lament and complain? Let His will be done. Amen

  • The best prayer: Let Your Way be my Way

  • John Mary

    Good afternoon everyone. For everything happens to human being Under the sun, we must ask it to GOD who is the Creator. Right now, we must also pray GOD to hand thee holy Spirit to Wise-man John CHI, in order to keep him in the God’s power and glorious life. Let’s GOD bless and keep us forever. Your friend John Mary in GABON.

  • Milcah Twangu

    How are u children of the most high God I always pray for wise man John Chi that God must keep on guarding and protecting him were ever he iz one thing um sure iz that everything happens for a reason and God’s ways are wonderful and he knows the best so all will be well with Wiseman John Chi in Jesus Name

  • wise man harry also left tb Joshua

    • Engr. Michael Ola Bolaji

      Dear Anna, please beam more light on your information concerning Wiseman Harry. On May 03, 2015 at 10:13am you stated that “wise man harry also left tb Joshua” End of quote. Kindly furnish us more about the where about of Wiseman Harry. We are very eager to Know. Wiseman John Chi has left since 2013, now you are saying that Wiseman Harry has also left. Is it true that Wiseman Harry has left? Are you joking or are you serious about this information of yours Anna? So, what you are saying in the essence, is that only Wiseman Racine, Wiseman Daniel and Wiseman Christopher remain presently with Prophet T.B.Joshua. Can someone confirm this? Thanks.


    once more i honour the christ in you wiseman JOHN CHI.you leaving your ministry to me is not incredible because some people think that, you were made to be in SCOAN no oh.There’s a say that, because you see me here doesn’t mean i belong here
    brothers and sisters John Chi was born for Cmeroonians so don’t used his leaving scoan as your media to be sinning because many have become JUDGES behind a case they don’t even know. Did the Apostles of Jesus last together? Stay aloof from what God can handle. All of YOU that are missing JOHN will watch him preach for us as we di when he was preaching for you people some years back. John Chi’s return is was due to our cry to GOD for it wasn’t easy for the poor to make it to Nigerial to seek his effort, but i tell you even our grandparent who cannot even feed themselfs go to John Chi anytime they want. THANK YOU TBJ JOSHUA FOR SUCH AN EFFORT

  • Maserame Teemane

    As long as he leaves with good spirit and calling of God

  • Engr. Michael Ola Bolaji

    Dear Anna, please beam more light on your information concerning Wiseman Harry. On May 03, 2015 at 10:13am you stated that “wise man harry also left tb Joshua” End of quote. Kindly furnish us more about the where about of Wiseman Harry. We are very eager to Know. Wiseman John Chi has left since 2013, now you are saying that Wiseman Harry has also left. Is it true that Wiseman Harry has left? Are you joking or are you serious about this information of yours Anna? So, what you are saying in the essence, is that only Wiseman Racine, Wiseman Daniel and Wiseman Christopher remain presently with Prophet T.B.Joshua. Can someone confirm this? Thanks.

  • Engr. Michael Ola Bolaji

    JOHN CHI, Apostle

    Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry (AGCOM) came about through a revelation. I am Apostle John Chi. When God called me by his grace and used his servant Prophet TB Joshua to anoint me and entrusted the light of the word in me, I was overwhelmed by this grace. But, I had this burden in my heart to take this light to my people.

  • Engr. Michael Ola Bolaji

    Children of God, Please, find below, a copy of the recent release from former SCOAN Wiseman John Chi copied from his Ministry Web Site. And we all must know now, and address him as Apostle John Chi, and that his Ministry is AGCOM. God bless you as you stop all sort of insinuations and passing of unnecessary judgement after reading his comment as regards his calling into the ministry of God’s Gospel, and allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to His work in the life of both Prophet T.B. Joshua and Wiseman John Chi.

  • Only God knows whats going on.Everything happen for a reason. No need to worry much.Missss uu John Chi may the God be with you….Emmanuel

  • Only God knows whats going on.Everything happens for a reason. No need to worry much.Missss uu John Chi may the God be with you….Emmanuel

  • Pple of God,we shld not judge for this is not our portion.Not a single human being can change God’s decision.Let us keep praying in heart and spirit unceasingly.God knows ALL and seasons are not there by default!


    Oh God Almighty have mercy on your servants. i believe that in every situation God knows about it and HE is in control, father in heaven you promise to be with us to the end of the age. mt:28:20. may God help john chi and all of us in jesus name AMEN.

  • Koffi Fangbedji

    I pray that God Almighty blesses God’s general Mighty man of God T.B Joshua for training and raising up God’s generals. I pray also that God humbles John Chi to return to his mentor to receive double portion of his mentor’s anointing like Elisha did . I pray that God will protect him and I also pray that he humbles himself before God the rest of his life . I dip him in the blood of Jesus .Amen1

  • Prince Inyang

    I dont like people saying nonsense towards men of God.If you know that there are some hidden agenda,then why did you continue to be there? The way some people do speak after defecting from one church and form theirs is bad.If you condemn any man of God,then you are also the same.Please we need to respect men of God.Dont speak ill towards them.Let God judge.


    Life is all about decision,may be he has gone to the world to multiply,so let not be judgemental.

  • Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth ,the soon comin King .

    I started knowing about Emmanuel tv ,SCAN,T.B JOSHUA after the burial of my mother who died blind due to glocoma .After her burial I went to my spiritual kids but parents in the physical form. to give my head a little rest from all the noise and abuse I went through …As. I was. watching dstv Christian channels in the public channel I discovered the channel of T.B JOSHUA…I loved the channel of and felt that I wanted to work with him .I wrote many letters to the ministry but all never received any acknowledgement .It was in 2009June .

    Then in 2009 I met Pstr.Edward Mupeta . I use to watch the channel in his place .God started using me in the office of prophets from age seven .By the time we watched at Pstr.Edward’s place God,wiseman John Chi. was ministering ,actually if I remember well they were all ministering and immediately The Lord told me to tell Pstr.Edward Mupeta that John Chi will leave scoan .Time passed ,I was no longer watching the channel for I didn’t had it was.One day I visited my friend Pstr.he told of the prophecy I gave about John Chi…He told me that John Chi made an appearance to scoan but he confirmed the prophecy God gave about the wiseman John chi .Made

    To all brethrens that are asking questions about John Chi …please don’task …God is in control .I just googled today about John Chi because I received an sms yesterday from Favors Cathedral of Bishop D.J.Comfort .I was expelled from Favors Cathedral ‘s prophetic school by Nombekela and his team .So receiving such an sms made me to find more about the fact that what God spoke through me did happened.I am saddened though to s that brethrens of today are just cornflakes ..h

  • they go from this meeting to that meeting ,from this person to that person …hoping that somebody has more of God’s power .They think ,they are hoping that when that “more powerful “person prays for them ,they will receive the miracle they desire . The Lord’s plan for us is to get to the point where we don’tneed to constantly turn to others to do what He desires to do directly within us .

    God’s desire is that we become aware of all the spiritual. blessings He has already imparted to us ,& then we access those. blessings not only to see our needs our own needs met but to advance the purposes and plans of God on this earth ,in this generation,whenever and wherever we have the opportunity

    My brother John Chi ….I wish you well my brother in Christ .Christians do not spend time with God and they are always suprised when things are happening.I cannot make it to the invitation of Favors Cathedral where John Chi and Bishop D.J.Comfort will be at Saulsville arena. cos I am in Swaziland right now .To God be the Glory ….continue the good fight Man of God .God has entrusted you with His mission to reconcile man back to Him .I support you my Brother .

    In Him
    RoyalPriest.Prophet.Penuel (1Pet.2:9 ;Ephesians 4:11)

    • Solina

      We (AGCOM) with the General Oversea Apostle John Chi will be coming to Europe for a tour of Crusades after our trip to USA in May 2015. Just keep up watching for more infos. we shall be visiting Washington Pasco, Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia and Maryland/ Washington DC

  • Stephen

    Do you all love chi or the man in power? We wish him well in all he wish himself… But the church has an issue also I was a computer engineer in the studio 2013 and I have been so faithful to man of God. By buying things for the studio needs. And I make sure I return the balance at hand…. Meaning change… And till now I never knew the reason they quited me from work And dad never asked his diserpoles about mr Stephen . Its all good dad we all love u and we wish the church the best. If the wise man left without any statement then why killing ourselfs ?

  • Stephen

    Happy people am not a member of your church but I love the church . I have work in that church also but how they removed me I can’t really really tell the reason. They just told me we gonna call you back that was when I was sick and since then 2013 nothing yet from them. I work in there studio and I have been so faithful to the man of God . But when the diserples quited me from my job DAD never asked where is that my son. look this wise man we talking about don’t have any reason of leaving the church. If he dose why not commenting to the public so Nija the man of God and the church is our own the man of God TBJ is born Nija nothing to worry for let’s keep pushing the church to next leve not after the lose ship…

  • Jonas Mushili

    Am not very surprised about that. Lucifer was God’s most adorned of all angels. but it was Lucifer who turned his back on the Almighty God and even today tries by all means to attack God’s Kingdom. Judas was our Lord Jesus’ trusted man in charge of supplies be it money, materials. it was Judas who betrayed our Lord and only Savior Jesus Christ. People of God don’t be overtaken by this. God has trained our father prophet TB Joshua in all these things. My prayer is that the people who will go with John Chi may ponder on the Lucifer and Judas Iscariot cases and never fall in the same trap.

  • lebogang Gopane

    As South African I pray that the grace of our Lord Jess Christ be upon Mr John chi. Let us not forget that it is appointed to sons to obey their fathers. Sons and daughters do not çhoose their fathers but it is fathers who make the choice. As appointed leaders we must not forget where we come from. We must continually honor. Obey and stick with our coach no matter what. Your coach is not your friend but a father. I am married in royal family and I know what I am talking about. There is protocol and your coach /mentor sees your destiny and knows where you’re going to _destiny. We must submit to authorities above us with understanding knowledge and understanding. Thanks Lebogang
    Proverb 24:3 to end

  • I am rely interested to know what is going on on John chi.



  • arrey

    Man of fire

  • chefor blessing


  • henry goliati

    Only god knows the best

  • Prince Alormenu

    May the most high God, whose name is above all names, Bless n Bless His Servant Snr. Prophet TB Joshua for training n mentoring many great servants like Wiseman John who can now be himself n also mentor others. The Bible tells that a man of age should leave the father n mother’s home n make a family too, so…..! Prophet J.B Joshua God bless u n Emmanuel partners….. Emmanuel!

  • I am blessed with what the man of God is doing. God continue to bless TBJoshua


    Man of GOD TB. JOSHUA, GOD bless you more and more you have produces a lot of GOD servant to heal, blesses, pray and serevant of God to serve to preach the name of JESUS for peoples in the world and I wish to see more and more TB. JOSHUA blesses our continent Africa full of anointed and blessed Pastors, Wise men, Apostle, Evangelist, … like JONCHI for each country and continent of the world.

  • akon elvis


  • Amanda I S

    I thank God on his behalf for the privilege he had to be anointed under the Scoan ministries. It is indeed a rare opportunity. He should have applied wisdom, he can decide to leave Scoan anytime, as a human being change is constant! The problem i have with him leaving is how he goes about it. He can decide to leave in agreement with the ministry and a proper send off get-together would have be organized to honor him. After-all, When he was called no one was there, it was between him and his God. There should be no room for controversies because he wants to leave except he leaves without proper notice and in a manner that doesn’t befits his status as an anointed man of God. Be it in a place of work, home, ministry etc Loyal is vital, loyalty is 100%. 99.9% is no loyalty. If you can demonstrate loyalty to you leader/Boss, there are 80% chance your follower will be loyal to you too in future. I hate to draw my conclusions based on rumors and idle speculation, but straight from my heart my opinion had to be heard when concerns such as this are raised. I pray for lord’s mercy for the wise man and best wishes. May he not meet rebellious followers, soul winning is case sensitive in the ministry of Jesus.It does not need DRAMA! It is no cool water. God help us.



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