Church in the News: Pastor Odulele admits sex offenses


Nothing more to add. We should pray for him, and for healing for his victims.

Pastor Odulele who runs Glory House International, admitted indecently assaulting a boy aged 14 and sexually assaulting a 21-year-old man – both former members of his congregation.
He entered the guilty pleas at Bexley Magistrates’ Court in south east London and was committed for sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court on a date yet to be set.
Magistrates granted him conditional bail at the brief hearing.
Odulele, who describes himself as a ‘teacher, preacher and evangelical preacher’, is a major figure in the world of evangelical Christianity.
His east London-based church says it has a congregation of 3,000.

Worldwide following
And Odulele has attracted many more followers around the world through appearances at international evangelic conferences, on religious TV programmes and videos on YouTube.
His website describes him as an author, speaker and preacher, and boasts of his ‘charismatic style, prophetic delivery and prolific expression of truth’.
Channel 4 News understands the alleged assaults took place in 2003 and 2004.
The court heard how Odulele, 47, initially denied any wrongdoing after he was arrested last summer by the Metropolitan Police’s Major Child Abuse Investigation Unit.
But he later admitted to police that he had been ‘battling’ with his sexuality for years. He denied the offences were pre-planned.
Glory House International has been a registered charity for 18 years and has a turnover of £2 million a year.
Church leaders were unavailable for comment when contacted by Channel 4 News.



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  • God help me…! I always reflect on everything I say online hours after the comments are made. So as I reflected on this case, I couldn't think of a Nigerian molesting young men, but then the question hit me: "What if the man of God grew up in the UK?" My thinking is that Nigerians at home can be guilty of any crime but molestation of people with same gender. And that statement about Nigerians, too, may be untrue!

  • Holyebony

    My dear, it is untrue o. The man grew up in Nigeria and moved to UK later in life. Let us not whitewash this. Truth is, anybody is capable of anything!! Its the victims that have my compassion though: How hard was it to come forward? And what are they going through now?

  • Anonymous

    And yet their still some idiots who still will go to this church and the twin brother makes the money.

  • This weird trend in the Christendom is worrisome! "Watch and pray lest you enter into temptation" our Master, Jesus, says.

  • Anonymous

    God have mercy, yes Lord, have mercy

  • Anonymous

    It is with great sorrow to hear about Pastor Odulele child molestation saga. The body of Christ is under Satanic attack I pray that the gate of hell shall not prevail over it. I also pray for the victim that they will receive healing and restoration in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit will comfort them and strengthened their family. Lastly I pray that Pastor Odulele will receive forgiveness from His maker who is able to forgive and cleanse him from all unrighteousness.



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