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What Treatments Can We Recommend To Parents?

Once the lice have been identified, comes the key moment of informing the parents. A phase is more crucial as not all the treatments available on the market are suitable for little ones. For the treatment to be effective and safe, “it is essential to choose a product in Lice removal san diego for example that kills lice and nits simultaneously, in one application. In young children, the product must also have an enveloping action, i.e., it suffocates the lice by mechanical action.

Conversely, products with a neurotoxic action (which paralyzes lice) and products containing essential oils are strictly discouraged because they are potentially dangerous at high doses (risk of allergies, convulsions, etc.). Another reflex to advise parents: favor a product (coating, therefore) in the local application and not in spray, which can be inhaled and in extenso, at the origin of lung problems.

Signs And Symptoms Of Head Lice

You may suspect the presence of lice on your child’s head if:

  • the latter complains of itching in the scalp, especially at night
  • you notice your child scratching his head, especially in the neck area and behind the ears;
  • you notice the presence of redness or scratching lesions on his scalp
  • you observe the presence of nits (small translucent eggs) at the base of the hair (less than one centimeter from the scalp) or live lice
  • It is also possible to have head lice without showing any symptoms

How Can Lice Be Totally Eliminated From Reception Facilities?

For instance, a youngster treated by a Lice Doctors may not always be in good health. Lice can, in fact, lay eggs right before they pass away, allowing new nits to emerge 6 to 9 days later. Similar to how lice will continue to appear in chronological order of egg-laying and reproduction if the nits have not been fully eliminated. As a result, the child can continue to infect individuals close to him despite receiving specific treatment. Hence the significance of both selecting the appropriate product (see box below) and taking action at the level of the crèche or daycare facility. The parasitologist’s motto is to “collectively and methodically treat all the affected youngsters.”

Check or request that someone else check the heads of ALL the youngsters who were received on Friday evening (regardless of whether they have reported pediculosis symptoms or not). In the event that lice are discovered, treat the child as well as the group throughout the weekend. To be clear for parents: treating kids preventatively serves no use!

How Should Parents Prevent Lice?

Products used to manage pests are not all equally effective. In the category of lice-killing and nit-killing coating treatments suitable for young children,

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