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Everything You Always Wanted To Know, Lasik

What precautions should be taken before and after myopia surgery? Are there any risks? Pains? Who can be operated? What is the payback period? There is no shortage of questions that candidates for refractive surgery legitimately ask themselves. Many of these questions will be answered here.

Is The Existence Of Astigmatism An Obstacle To The Operation Of Laser Myopia?

Not, and this is even the most frequent situation because even moderate astigmatism is very often associated either with myopia or with hyperopia. In both cases, its correction is simple and effective thanks to new generations of excimer lasers. The use of biometric iris recognition systems now allows unequaled correction accuracy, even for very significant astigmatism. The all-laser Lasik technique is, in this situation, the best technical option due to its precision and the stability of its results.

How Is The Eye Anesthetized In A Laser Myopia Operation, And Is The Operation Painful, During And/Or After The Operation?

In all laser myopia surgeries with kraff eye institute for example, the anesthesia is purely local and consists of instilling a few anesthetic eye drops just before the operation. The surgery itself is completely painless.

After surgery for myopia by surface laser, the pain is usual for 24 to 36 hours limited by analgesic drugs and by fitting a contact lens. After myopia surgery by LASIK, the consequences are reputed to be painless, but an uncomfortable sensation of grains of sand is usual after LASIK, for only a few hours.

How Long After A Myopia Operation Can You Resume Your Activities?

After lasik eye surgery cost and myopia surgery by surface laser, it is prudent to plan a few days of reduced activity due to the pain and visual recovery time.

After myopia laser surgery in LASIK, the resumption of activities can be immediate the day after the myopia operation, it is most often perfectly possible to drive your car.

In both cases, being an operation for myopia, no work stoppage can be prescribed by the surgeon for this type of intervention, which is not covered by health insurance.

What Are The Precautions To Take Before Myopia Surgery?

Once the myopia operation is scheduled, it is, of course, necessary to stop wearing the lenses a few days before the date of the intervention, whether it is a LASIK or a myopia operation by laser of the surface. You must also inform your surgeon about a neighborhood infection: cold, sore throat, dental infection, etc.

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