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Tips to Choose the Best Wood Burning Stove

With so many wood burning stoves available in the market, it can be confusing to find one. For instance, you need to consider the size, mounting, design, features, and so much more. However, there are several tips that can help you choose the best wood burning stove for your home. Some of them are discussed below.

Choose the Right Size

First-time buyers often make the mistake of purchasing the biggest available size. However, wood stoves are designed as space heaters and can be installed for heating only one part of the home. For this reason, you must choose the right size. For example, a wood stove with over two cubic feet of firebox is perfect for a home with 1,500 square feet.

Choose Between Fireplace Insert and Freestanding Stoves

There are two types of wood burning stoves, including fireplace inserts and freestanding stoves. The freestanding stoves are suitable for places without a predesigned masonry fireplace. On the other hand, the fireplace inserts are suitable for completing the fireplace by adding a wood heater.


While selecting a wood burning stove in Christchurch, make sure to consider efficiency. Efficiency means that you will spend less money on wood, and the outcome is eco-friendly. It is suggested to look for the stoves with 70% or higher efficiency by the E.A.

Smart Features

There are some advanced wood burning stoves that allow you to have a quick start and remote control of the burning. In simpler words, having these advanced features will result in a convenient experience, and the high price will be worth it.

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