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The Features to Consider While Purchasing a Wheelchair

A wheelchair is a great way of moving around for people who have mobility restrictions. However, the wheelchairs can be pretty expensive, which is why you must look at specific features to ensure you get the most value.

Electric or Manual

An electric wheelchair is suitable for people with limited ability or people who need extra assistance. On the other hand, if you temporarily need a wheelchair, you can opt for a manual wheelchair as it’s more affordable and is fine for limited-time use.

Dimensions and Size

You must select the right size and consider the dimensions to ensure that you fit into the wheelchair properly. For instance, you won’t fit into it if the wheelchair is too small, while a bigger wheelchair means higher chances of slipping out. In addition to size, you must consider the maximum weight limit of the wheelchair.


When looking for a wheelchair in Trowbridge, you must focus on the footrests and armrests. This is because the footrests and armrests in the wheelchair are designed to provide extra comfort and support. So, make sure that the footrests and armrests of your wheelchair are secure and sturdy without compromising on flexibility. In particular, the footrests and armrests must not hinder your mobility and manoeuvrability.


If you need to use a wheelchair at all times, transportation is the biggest concern. To begin with, make sure that the wheelchair is allowed on a plane if you have to travel. On the other hand, the wheelchair must be lightweight and easy to fold if you commute through the car.

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