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Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

Spring is the gardener’s favourite time of year, and while your garden does naturally become more beautiful in this time, you also need to put some work in to get it ready. Planning your garden early in the year means you can sit back and enjoy it once the weather is warmer, so here are some tips to get started.

Tidy and organise your garden

Even though the weather is cold, there are certain tasks you can do in winter:

  • Tidy up your borders and put down hard landscaping
  • Plant bulbs that will flower in the spring and summer
  • Rent a pressure washer to do your patio and fences
  • Put out traps for pests

It’s also a good time to order things for your garden, as the warm weather often brings in a rush of people.

Consider hiring a landscaper

You may be thinking of hiring a landscaper but waiting until the weather is warmer. The good thing about hiring one in winter is that they usually have better availability. Look for landscaping services in Gosport and find out what a landscaper can do for you. They’re great for people who want to completely overhaul their gardens, or those who simply want to change up a few things.

Changing your garden gives you more living space and means that you can enjoy it as it gets warmer. The sooner you start on your garden, the longer you can enjoy it during the warm weather. Don’t delay. Spring will soon sneak up on you.

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