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Different Ways To Help You Quit Smoking For Good

Quitting smoking is hard to do, and many people struggle with it as nicotine is so addictive. However, if you want to give up smoking and have struggled previously, you may want to consider NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). It can be an excellent way to stop puffing on a cigarette and reducing your intake of toxic chemicals. There are many different NRTs you can consider using, and there is a suitable method for most people. Below are some of the various ways to replace the nicotine from cigarettes and start you on the journey to living a smoke-free life.

Nicotine Lozenges

A simple way to help curb the cravings you get when you stop smoking is using nicotine lozenges. Whenever you feel the urge coming on, you take out a lozenge and put it in your mouth. It is best to suck them so they last longer, and you will soon feel your cravings subside.

Nicotine Gum

If you are not one for sucking a lozenge and prefer to chew, you can also consider nicotine gum as an alternative. As with lozenges, nicotine gum is available in different strengths, and when you feel a craving, you take out a piece of gum and start chewing. The gum will release nicotine into your system, and the urges you felt will soon dissipate.

Nicotine Patches

Another alternative for you to consider is nicotine patches, which are discreet and easy to use. The patches are available in varying strengths, and you only need one per day. Once you are washed and dressed in the morning, you take out a patch and put it anywhere on your skin. The patch will last for around sixteen hours or more and slowly releases nicotine that your skin absorbs throughout the day. You can purchase nicotine patches at supermarkets and pharmacies, and other specialist health shops.


You can also take up vaping to replace your nicotine when you give up smoking, and many people find this an effective tool to help them quit. You can buy various vaping devices, and they are relatively inexpensive, so it is worth heading to your local vaping store to see what is available. They can give you advice on the best device for you and the best e-cig juice for it. The vape juice is available in different nicotine strengths, and you can slowly work your way down until you no longer need to vape to control your urges.

Oral Nicotine Sprays

You can also consider using an oral spray for your nicotine replacement, and these are usually available through prescription. You will need to speak to your doctor about giving up smoking, so they will need to prescribe this so you can get it from a chemist. You use the spray every few hours or when you get an urge to smoke, and it is absorbed quickly through the capillaries in your mouth and throat.

These are a few cessation aids using nicotine replacement therapy to help you stop smoking, but there are more besides these. Make the effort to give up smoking, no matter how hard it is, and you and your wallet will feel much better for your efforts.

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