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Breast Augmentation, What to Consider

Breast augmentation surgery is a very popular service of plastic surgery. Whether it is logical or not, many women attach a lot emphasis on the appearance and size of their breasts. Breasts have an undeniable effect on self-esteem. However, the concept of the perfect breast size is incredibly subjective.  So, there are many different opinions and tastes about what is ideal. Today there is much less negative association connected to having a procedure. But if you are considering having it done, here are some things to consider.

  • Do You Need It? As said earlier, there are many opinions on breast size and appearance and it could be that you have convinced yourself that you need a surgery, when other people might be envious of what you have. It would be a good idea to get outside opinions and especially the opinion of a professional that will give you a straight answer.
  • What Type of Implant? There are two main types of implants for breast augmentation (called เสริมหน้าอกสวย in Thai). Round and Teardrop. Round is the most popular because it gives roundness to the top of the breast, which is good for cleavage and a youthful appearance. The teardrop shape is more natural and is a good solution for breasts that are more tubular and need some width at the bottom
  • Type of Implant: the two choices available today are the saline implant and the cohesive gel implant. The saline implant is popular because it requires a small incision, and the cohesive gel implant is popular because of its more natural look and feel
  • What Size is Right for You? This is a very personal decision, obviously, but it would be best to work this out with your doctor and your significant other. A small increase is sometimes the best decision. Large implants might be what you think you need at the time, but many women are more satisfied over time with the increase of a single cup size.

Other considerations are the placement of the incision, and the type of augmentation, whether it is over or under the muscle. But these details need to be considered after you make some of the other choices like implant type, and size. An appointment with an accredited plastic surgeon with a good reputation will help you make some of these decisions. More and more this is a common decision, and most people are very pleased with the results.

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