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What To Expect Form LASIK Eye Surgery

When you have a problem with your vision and do not want to wear glasses or contact lenses, you can consider LASIK eye surgery to correct your vision and stop you from wearing prescription lenses anymore. The LASIK procedure is simple and does not take very long, and you can use it to correct near-sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Below is what you can expect from the procedure, so you know what to expect ad do not worry too much before it is time for your corrective surgery to begin.

Your Initial Consultation

You cannot turn up at the clinic and walk in to get your eyes corrected, and first, the consultant will need to give you a thorough examination. They will look at the overall health of your eyes and ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the LASIK treatment and that it will benefit you. They will use an instrument called a corneal topographer that maps your cornea and use this information to ensure that the treatment will work for you. If you wear contact lenses, you usually need to stop wearing these up to two weeks before your surgery, as they can affect the shape of the cornea and impact the effectiveness of the surgery.

Starting The Procedure

When the day for your surgery arrives, you will need to go to the clinic at the confirmed time and begin your procedure. The technician will usually start by placing some drops in your eyes to numb them and stop you from being uncomfortable. You are then placed under the laser, and a device called a lid speculum is used to keep your eyelids open. They ten use a suction ring to keep the eye in place and prevent it from moving. The surgeon will then cut a corneal flap and use a computer to ensure they correct your eyes according to your prescription. You will be asked to focus on alight while the laser sends pulses to your cornea and the surgeon watches through a microscope. The procedure does not last very long, and before you know it, you will be done and ready to go home and recuperate.

After Your Surgery

Before you can leave for home, the surgeon will ask you to rest for a bit, and it is common to have a burning or itching sensation on your eyes, which is nothing to worry about and will soon pass. You may have blurred vision with things seeming hazy, and this should clear quickly. Once rested, they will take a quick examination of your eyes to ensure everything is okay and send you home to recover. Follow the instructions the surgeon gives you, and you can have your vision restored using LASIK surgery and negate the need for prescription lenses.

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