Glorification of Indecency Must Stop—Mike Bamiloye

Mike & Gloria Bamiloye

Evang. Mike & Gloria Bamiloye

 The President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has lent his voice to the growing indecency in the nation’s indigenous movie industry-Nollywood.

Bamiloye, speaking on the high rate of indecent dressing in Nollywood, said the, “Glorification of indecency must stop. Indecent fashions have found their way into our movie industry.

“Clothes that people would not wear naturally on the street are being worn in movies. Ladies are dressing half-nude and new indecent fashions and appearances are being popularized through movie screenings. There should be a regulation against this.”

“Some Western cultures that are never accepted among us are being brought into our homes through movie screenings. “Violence and destruction is not part of our culture. Gunning people down at broad day light in the presence of passers-by is never part of us. There should be a regulation against violent movies,” the man of God also said.

He made mention of all these while narrating how he was inspired to go into Film production for the purpose of winning souls for Christ. He says “Sometimes around early 1986, I went to a town hall to watch one of Hubert Ogunde’s movies, ‘Jayesinmi.’ The film ended late in the night and the distance to my house was about 10 kilometres. “I came out of the hall that night with great burden in my heart. I was asking myself when Christian movies would be made to bless souls and touch people’s lives in Nigeria. I carried the burden in my heart and I refused to take a taxi,” he narrated to Newswatch



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