Nigeria needs God’s favour to overcome challenges – Pastor Andrew


The favour of God is one of the things that has kept us as a nation, no doubt. There’s more from where it came from, to surmount the challenges before us as a nation.

Flag-map-of-NigeriaNigeria and her citizens need God’s favour to overcome challenges and be self sustainable, Pastor Ben Andrew of Living Faith Church in Lafia state. The cleric made the declaration in a Sunday sermon entitled ‘favour’, its impacts and benefits.

According to him, if the country and its citizens are not spiritually favoured by God, they cannot escape the struggles even if all manner of aids are offered freely to them. He said “the lack of God’s favour makes one not to progress and creates unending problems.

The lack of God’s favour makes one to be forgotten.” Andrew also said the lack of divine favour could result into daunting struggles with nothing to show. He then pleaded with leaders in the country and the citizens to look up to God for lasting favours rather than shun Him and rely on fellow humans whose favours were unpredictable, short lived and had unreasonable conditions. “When a man is favoured by God, blessings will not be lacking.God’s favour terminates emptiness and fights for you even when you are not there. You are sleeping and God is working. God’s favour forbids shame,” he stressed.

The cleric, however, warned that favour should not be expected on a platter of gold but could be gotten through sowing seeds of favour to reap favour.



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