Prophet Omoto Fufeyin – Tb Joshua imitator?

Prophet Omoto Fufeyin Photo credit: youtube

Prophet Omoto Fufeyin
Photo credit: youtube

It is expected that the apparent “success” of TB Joshua’s ministry  will spawn copycats.  If you are wondering what our stance is on TB Joshua, look here. Prophet Omoto Fufeyin has not really been on our radar, probably because his ministry is in Warri. But a search provided all the information required – this guy operates just like TB Joshua with loud acts of charity,  very public and  showy focus on demons and “deliverance”. He is probably  better educated than TB Joshua, so he is more coherent, but otherwise, their modus operandi is the same.  And they have similar backgrounds as well, coming from severe poverty into stupendous wealth after their “ministries” took off.  Unfortunately, our people are so poor, and our institutions so weak that people are forced to run to people like this for help.  If we were able to build a society which gives people opportunities, if we were to properly educate our people, if we had a good health care system, if people had options, they would not turn to people who exploit their misery for profit.  You can find videos of  Prophet Fufeyin’s  “deliverances” here. Its TB Joshua all over again!  Apparently he was a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracles (MFM), but then they parted ways. In his own words:

First and foremost, I was a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM). It was there God called me. I started my ministry at Ijaw quarters in Warri. Initially, MFM leaders kicked against it but I decided to stand my ground.


In another interview, he said that MFM was against the miracles he was performing and so they parted ways: Excerpt below:

On how he started the church, the cleric explained that he was a member of Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) when God called him, adding that he left the church because they were against the miracles he was performing,


So how does he feel about being compared to TB Joshua?

On how he reacts when people call him junior T.B Joshua, Fufeyin declared: “It is true that people call me Warri T.B Joshua or Junior T.B. Joshua, but I believe that everything about T.B. Joshua is divine and natural. Frankly speaking, our father, T.B. Joshua having watched my programme on Mercyland Television was delighted because we are healing people too. I would also say that everything I am doing comes from God. May be it is the way people see me performing miracles, hence they address me as junior T.B. Joshua. Mind you, I am neither junior or Warri T.B Joshua, but I am Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin. Actually, we have only met during the incident that happened in his church in which part of the building collapsed and I paid him a condolence visit.”


That comment in red bold tells me all I need to know about him right there.  Unfortunately, these types of churches are full of the desperate and the seeking because of all the handouts they get. And he is very generous, just like his mentor.

“I have helped many people and that is my hallmark because I fall sick if I don’t help people. God has built that system in me that I must help people on daily basis. In fact I help people a lot. Above all, there is an office called “Act of his shepherd” that takes care of widows and the needy. Every Sunday I do give money to the needy, at least 200,000 and above. There are a lot of women who deliver their babies and we buy baby things for them,” he maintained.


These are perilous times, and there are many wolves out there in sheep’s clothing. May GOD grant us the spirit of discernment to be able to know who the true shepherds are. Amen!








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  • Suzan

    Indeed he is a great man

  • He is a great man and god will continue 2 bless him

  • In every God should and protect him

  • I pray dat God will give him long life and prosperity

  • Pastor Oghenevwegba Isaiah Ogedegbe

    Prophet Jeremiah is a true man of God.

  • Please republish the article at about Warri Pastor Oghenevwegba Isaiah Ogedegbe who in 2013 predicted the 2014 Synagogue Church building collapse.

  • Mleza

    Sometimes pple make comments just to make someone look a full or useless.But all they forget is about the source. First of all, they should be able to have a descenement spirit which should be in apposition to tell them on whether the person in question is God sent or not. Every person famous of God issues, you will find that he/she is implicted with very bad stories which is always a disgrace to us the christians.On this, let God alone open our spiritual eyes so we can ably see spiritual things.

  • prophet jeremiah omoto fufeyin is a great man of God.. nd I hv decern him with the spirit of God. nd I discovered dat he is a true man of God.. nd even God show me dat he is my mentor. .. am Apostle omon Lucky Oboniye by name. the founder of (JESUS MERICLE SYNAGOGUE ) jesus christ is Lord

  • Kalampa 4 lyf

    You always condemn Prophet TB Joshua,Prophet Jeremiah Omoto and Sherperd Bushiri.Could you please name real Men and Women of God in Africa?God have mercy on you.

  • Maggy

    Leave our prophets alone.TB JOSHUA.JEREMIA OMOTO.BUSHIRI.IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND,YOU CRITISIZE.Let God touch ppl to understand

  • Pastor O. I. Ogedegbe

    Na wa o! If you don’t have anything more reasonable to write than criticizing God’s generals, you better shut up your mouth.

  • sheillah

    IO enjoyed the deliverance services and I can see we children of God are not serious and do not know the spiritual warfare and is time we wake up from sleep and serve God in truth and in spirit and pray fro one another as the bible instruct us.

  • terencefru

    A con man says give me 1 and I will double it for you! The pastor says sow a seed and god will restore double! Who is better? There is no good man of god because there is no good god! If you think I am wrong, tell your pastor do do one of these– stop wars, end sickness, stop famine, stop crime, porverty, etc etc for you!!

  • They r God’ general of our time

  • Mercy Mercy






  • Pst yinka osanaiye ,i do hope to meet him one on one ,during the gathering of the sons of the prophet ,i desire an impartation of the holy ghost to function in my calling, i am restarting my ministry again after about 5yrs, frm osanaiye global ministries

    Pst yinka osanaiye ,i do hope to meet him one on one ,during the gathering of the sons of the prophet ,i desire an impartation of the holy ghost to function in my calling, i am restarting my ministry again after about 5yrs, frm osanaiye global ministries a.k.a leaders’ assembly ,felele, lokoja 08165417095

  • veronicah

    I would like to visit mercyland deliverance ministries, how can I connect to there since am a resident of Nairobi Kenya. So I would like to know requirements for accomodation.please give me clarification on that.

  • Ngwee Innocent

    I started watching the Man of God on the mercy TV about a week ago, and from his performances. I believe that he a real man of God.
    I thank God for such a wonderful personality. May God grant him long life and more grace as he labour in His vineyard.



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