Pastor Chris Warns Comedians: Don’t Joke With Men Of God!

Welllllll!  It is true that sometimes comedians go too far,  and disrespectful comedy is a no no.  However,  many times, comedians sometimes are the only people who can tell the truth in a way nobody else can, even if the truth is shrouded in laughter.  As much as possible we believe in free speech, and we believe nobody should be untouchable. And like the press,  comedians are also watchdogs of society, and should be able to do their jobs without fear. Its a thin line obviously, as comedy should be insightful, truthful, smart and yet funny without  being cruel, obnoxious and rude.  So I am not sure that I agree with Pastor Chris. Men of GOD also should not live lives that a fodder for comedians!  Actually, this is an interesting topic, so we may explore this in more detail later, but our stance is:  Let freedom and truth, and comedy reign!


Chris_Oyakhilome_Ph_D-300x240The founding pastor of Believers’ Love World(Christ Embassy Int’l), Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome has given a prophetic warning to comedians around the world, foretelling the destruction which awaits the comedians who make joke with sacred things.

Oyakhilome made this known during a meeting which holds every first Sunday of the month with the BLW nation’s citizens worldwide and a host of other global audience spanning more than 6 continents via live transmission across TV stations and online platforms around the world.

In his words, Oyakhilome said, “For those of you who are comedians, try all you can not to make fun with pastors in your comedy. Because you are going to see some comedians whose lives would be a comedy.

This is what the lord said I should tell you. Because a lot of them who does such will have their lives reduced. Which means you are going to see them and say; is this you?, is this what your life has become? Don’t joke with sacred things. Pastors occupy sacred place. you must know what to joke with and what not to joke with.”




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