Cleric advises gay persons to seek medical, spiritual intervention

Hmmm. This is a serious topic, given the news that has been trending internationally. I doubt that it will ever become acceptable in our part of the world, and rightly so. He is correct though, most certainly not normal.

Gay-marriAge[1]Msgr. Francis Ogunmodede, the Episcopal Vicar/Dean, Lekki Region of the Catholic Arch Diocese of Lagos, has advised gay persons in Nigeria to seek spiritual and medical help against their condition.

Ogunmodede gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Lagos.

The cleric said that being gay was a combination of psychological and medical abnormality that needed treatment because God destroyed gay nations in the Holy Bible.

“They are not well, let them admit it, it is not a good thing to say you are a gay (person) and so you remain like that, they should go and get treatment.

“They are not well, psychologically, spiritually, morally, it is like people who have all kinds of schizophrenia for example.

“They should realise who they are, they are no better than schizophrenics; they should go and get treatment.

“It is not a normal way, if God were to create Adam gay what would have happened, would there be procreation? No.

“God created solo cum solar, solo man, solar woman to meet together to procreate, if it were just gay, there would have been no procreation in the world.

“They are aberrations and of course it is condemnable, from the book of Genesis we have seen it, Paul talks against it in the book of the Romans.

“They should be treated, they should go to the doctor, they would be counseled.

“The human nature spreads across and so, it is an aberration which you find everywhere, among big men, among small men, poor men, rich men, man has to control himself and his sexuality.’’

The cleric said that the act was devilish, adding that victims could become normal if they genuinely made up their minds to be converted.



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