First of all, LOL at the name of the church. What a mouthful! Secondly, 10 years in court? Even politicians are not this vicious. Na wah!

Battle over the presidency and trusteeship of the Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Church Nigeria has ended as the Corporate Affairs Commission has issued certificate of incorporation to the Bishop Paul Augustine-led faction.

The church was embroiled in succession crisis lasting over 10 years when its President and Trustee, Bishop Akpabio Akpabio, died.

With this certificate as ordered by the Court of Appeal, Calabar in its judgment of January 29, 2010, Augustine is henceforth recognised as the authentic leader, the registrar of the church, Mr. Umoekeye Uno, said in Calabar, Cross River State on Tuesday.

The church was factionalised with one group led by Bishop Nyong Ayakndue and the other by Augustine, who was anointed by the late Akpabio as his successor.

At the height of the crisis, an election was conducted on May 15, 2002 with Augustine emerging the winner.

The outcome was disputed by the Ayakndue group, challenging the conduct of the election in court.

Not satisfied with the verdict of the court, the Augustine faction appealed and got a favourable judgment on January 29, 2010.

Uno, who presented the certificate of incorporation to Augustine on Tuesday, said the judgment as delivered took retroactive effect from May 15, 2002 when the election of the new president and trustee took place.

Lawyer for Augustine, Mr. Joe Agi, said the certificate was deliberately delayed by the registrar of CAC for two years until he was threatened with arrest for contempt of court.

The registrar of the church had explained that the fact that the ceremony took place outside the church’s headquarter at Inyang Street in Calabar South was no indication that Augustine was not in control as all the church documents were in his possession as the registrar.



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