I won’t cook for you!

I think she is really funny!

and the comments are even better. See some of the youtube comments below:

A guy says:

If you can’t cook for me…well,no problem.The only problem we’re gunna have is that I will NEVER eat any food which is prepared by ANOTHER WOMAN in MY HOUSE…except the one prepared by MY WIFE.

I will NEVER lift my hand or voice against you if you decide to starve me and our children in OUR HOUSE,but I will get another woman (or two women) who will ”LOVINGLY ” cook for me,and also teach OUR CHILDREN how to cook 🙂

And another lady says:

Looool I loved this! I said this to my bf one time an he didn’t believe me. I told him I would never cook for a man who isn’t my bf already, and not even at the start of the rshp. When I like you enough to go thru that stress, then I will, until then, you better take me out to some fancy ass place with cloth napkins and classical music when we’re hungry. Can’t be slaving away for no man biko

So, what do y’all think? Is it sanctified to be cooking for your boyfriend before you are married? Is it part of your girlfriend/fiance duties?

Oya discuss.


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  • Eunice

    well, i think is depend on the manner in which you are cooking. it wont hurt if you do it as an surprised and not a everyday job. Plus if you know you going to married him, why not start cooking for him?

  • this is funny!! but yeah, so true. I feel love is more important than cooking. You can have love and express that with cooking too, but cooking should not be a conditional thing for love. heeeeii. nice one

  • Look at the first guy’s you tube comment up there!! He’s saying he will never eat food prepared by another woman, AND YET he’s also saying if his wife stops cooking, he will get ANOTHER WOMAN OR TWO to cook for him! Ahh!! Men can be annoying o!

  • i think it’s ok to cook for your boyfriend, but do it out of love, not as a way to gain his affection. love is unconditional. it’s even better when you cook together because you love each other.

  • Oh my… What an interesting issue!

  • Virteous Woman

    LWKMD! she is so on point! I love to clean and cook for my man every now and then, I don’t think there is anything not sanctified about it, as long as you are doing it for the right reasons.

    That being said, I will want a bf/ man/ husband that will also cook for me every now and then, life is a two way street.

    Thanks for introducing me to her videos, I’ll check her out from time to time.

    Great job on the e-magazine!



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