Robbers raid Ibadan Baptist Church, injure clergyman

Oh wow! So we had previously talked about robberies in churches in Imo State and Anambra State. It seems to be Ibadan’s turn now. What a nightmare for the pastor and his family!
robberyArmed robbers stormed the Apata Baptist Church over the weekend and injured the cleric in charge of the church, Rev. Bode Idowu, and members of his family.

The robbers, numbering about six, also carted away valuable items, including laptop computers, handsets and undisclosed amount of money.

Rev. Idowu had announced that God gave him a mission to pray for all commercial motorcycle operators (okada riders) in the Apata community and its environs against road accidents and untimely death in this new year.

In response, scores of okada riders attended a special prayer session he organised at the Apata Baptist Church, located at the Adifase area of Apata, last Thursday.

However, the robbers stormed the church premises in early hours of last Friday to demand their own share of the offering collected from the okada operators, who attended the programme the previous day.

On entering into the church premises around, the robbers reportedly tied the security men employed by the church, while two of them entered into the mission house, where Rev. Idowu and his family members slept.

Explanations by Rev. Idowu that he did not collect any offering from the okada riders and that offerings collected during church services are usually taken to the bank immediately by members of the Church Council fell into the deaf ears of the hoodlums.

The robbers reportedly insisted that Rev. Idowu must provide the money collected as offering from the okada riders.

When he could not provide any money they started to beat him up, during which he was seriously wounded.



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