Six Wasted years by Pastor May Ijisesan

Pastor May is a good friend of this blog,  and she pastors Kingsword Ministries International together with her husband – Pastor Kayode Ijisesan. Its a fantastic ministry, and Pastors Kay and May are excellent pastors – compassionate, kind, intelligent and worded!  Pastor May just started a new series where she answers some of life’s complex questions, and we at contraculture will embark on this journey with her. Its very interesting and I hope you learn something.

To set up the video: a lady whose boyfriend left her after 6 years together is wondering if she should take him back. Pastor May gives what is in my opinion some excellent advice. Please ladies, value yourselves and your bodies.  Enjoy the video, and tell us what you think about the subject matter.


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  • Gideon

    I’m sorry ma but i don’t agree with this, why? I believe you have heard about the story of the prodigal son, it is wrong for us to conclude that since he has walked out, he can’t come back, he could have seen something, its also possible he was confused, but now that he is back, i believe repentantly, there is nothing wrong in you accepting him, i believe he will even treat you better than before. We all make mistakes and God forgives, please, who are we not to forgive our neighbors or whoever offends us. The bible says all we like sheep are gone astray but got restored to the shepherd and the bishop of our souls, please, i will advice that he can come back. Praise the Lord



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