Wiseman John Chi showed up in SCOAN today.

Wiseman John Chi

Wiseman John Chi

The original story concerning the wiseman’s disappearance can be found here. It appears that all the media attention finally caused SCOAN to produce the wiseman today. He came out, thanked everyone who had been praying for him, and had this to say about the rumors swirling around his disappearance:

You have not seen me for 6 -7 weesks, Here, Satan is a big liar. I am not sick, i am healthy. Some people said i have left the ministry, no, nothing can seperate me from the love of Christ


He then preached a brief sermon, the same one T.B Joshua preached last week. In his sermon, John Chi repeated the same message preached by his master, TB Joshua last Sunday – Do not tempt the devil to tempt you – he said if anyman conducts God’s business using their own abilities as opposed to God’s supernatural powers will be in trouble.
His message was brief emphasizing the same point of avoiding tempting the devil. He however did nt join fellow wisemen in deliverance and healing sessions. After his short message he disappeared again.


So, there you have it. He is still at SCOAN

. I wonder what is going on though. We will continue to watch and see, and update as events unfold. The original video explaining his disappearance can be seen below. Once I get today’s video, I will post it. Enjoy!


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