The making of the next generation!

Science teaches us that while most of the child’s brain’s cells are formed before birth, most of the connections among these neurons are made during infancy and early childhood. These connections, critical for future life are determined by the challenges children face as they grow. As a result, early experiences and interactions with the environment are most critically pivotal in a child’s brain development. I’ll leave you to guess what happens to the brain when a child is robbed of a childhood of holistic positive experiences and interactions in the right environment. On average a 3 year old toddler’s brain for example is more active than an adult’s brain. It is mostly during childhood that a foundational rock or sinking sand is laid for the building of the future. The evil people of the world understand this, that is why they go for kids in their machiavellian schemes.

There are few people who envelope and capture the importance of proper parenting more appropriately than the poet William Ross Wallace (1819-1881) when he wrote these simple yet profoundly pregnant words… “For the hand that rocks the cradle Is the hand that rules the world.” Now these are more than just words, these are words as true as your reading of this line. I wish all parents would just realize that they have before them tremendous opportunity to positively shape and determine today, by the kind of training they give their kids, the world in which they will live tomorrow. The strange thing is, whether parenting is terrible or terrific , committed or remiss , it still shapes every tomorrow which comes to us whether we like and realize it or not. The question is how does it shape it.

While it is true that great parenting does not always produce great kids, those who slip through the cracks are more the exception than the rule. One of the most tragic stories I have ever heard, is that of a child who brought home a violent gang of bandits to terrorize the very household which mostly shaped him, with ruthless disregard for any life, talk less family life. The quality of kids being raised today without a shadow of doubt can be used to project the quality of the society we’ll live in tomorrow. Even if you don’t love your kids or any kids, for your own very sake, even out of selfishness, raise them good. The child you fail to reach out to today might be the one who will rein in the terror of hell into your life tomorrow. The child you reach out to today, may become your ‘heaven’ here on earth. Whatever you sow, you shall reap the same, only multiplied so be careful what you sow.

Dear parents, for the sake of the children in the house be careful how you exalt and glamorize violence by your words and actions. Children are smarter than they get credit for, they are smarter than they look. Be careful what you say and do around them. You can not expect the kids to follow their ears and not their eyes. Be careful how you talk to and treat your spouse in the presence of the kids. Be careful how you give kids their first lessons in lies telling. Don’t tell the kids to tell visitors or those who call that you are not home when you are sleeping/napping. Be careful about the untamed violence and explicit sexuality in the video games and shows the kids watch. Be careful how you treat the cousins and nieces and nephews and orphans now living in your home… be careful. Be careful how you treat strangers, your colleagues and employees in the presence of the kids. Be careful about who the kids hang out with and who they look up to as role models. Listen to them, talk with them, play with them, spend time with them, some reasonable time, only then will you be able to monitor and shape the growth curve for their holistic education – academic, moral , spiritual. If you are absent, somebody will help you step in and it might be the devil himself, so beware!

What children really need the most is loving care and new positively re-inforced guided experiences. The costliest toys and gifts and presents poorly substitute. The simple things like reading a book together, talking, rhyme recitation, singing songs, playing games, doing homework, etc are examples of activities that help build the child’s brain and person. It is the genes, but it is mostly the environment. Even the best genes unchallenged and untrained are as good in a grave as in a child. Whatever a child grows up in they learn and might become. Will it be love or hate, peace or violence, love for education or apathy for it, excitement about the prospects of life or depression for it? The ball is in your court, play it. Do not let a ruthless world rock the cradle of your child.


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