Kano to include Christians in state sponsored mass weddings

First of all,  I am completely flabbergasted that this is a policy priority of government – not education, not skills training, but marriage.  There are many other things wrong with this announcement,but I just cannot get beyond the fact that somebody thinks that this is a good idea,  and they have done it three times. And now, they are scanning for pregnancies – so what does that mean – no wedding if the bride is pregnant? They bought a scanning machine for that purpose?  Incredible. I just cant! And these weddings are also not cheap – the last one conducted cost N238million,  which included the cost of  giving each bride N20000 to start a business. In case you were wondering, that is not enough money to start a business. In case you are still wondering,  people don’t need handouts, they need empowerment. Real, tangible, long lasting empowerment! Anyway!kano state

The Kano State Hisbah Board says it has commenced preparations to marry off another set of 1,111 women in the fourth batch of its mass marriage program aimed at reducing the number of unmarried women in the state.

Commandant General of the board, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, at a press conference in Kano yesterday said the mass wedding of the women, including divorces, widows and spinsters will take place soon.
“The government introduced this plan in order to reduce marital problems in our society. When we first suggested the mass wedding plan, many people thought it would not be possible, but Alhamdulillah, we have succeeded in marrying off about 1350 women in three batches”, he said.
Daurawa said Christians in the state will now be allowed to participate in the exercise to disengage them from prostitution.
“We decided to include Christians in the state since we are living together in the same environment. And just as we do not want to see our children engage in prostitution, we also do not want theirs to engage in it. We gave them 50 slots from the total number we are going to marry off. And we will allow them to go and do the wedding in their churches. We will only share the marriage bouquet (walima) together,” he said.
Daurawa said registration for the exercise will now be done online, and that the board has been equipped with machines to determine the health status of the grooms and brides.
“You know last time we had a bad experience where a woman deceived us by bringing the sample of her sister’s urine as hers, it was after the marriage we discovered that she was six months pregnant. So, in order to prevent such cases, we have provided a scanner which has the capacity to capture even a day old pregnancy,” he said.



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