Why I am remarrying – by Anselm Madubuko

Emmy Kosgei, Pastor Madubuko's bride to beI used to be one of those people who talked plenty when men (particularly men in ministry) got married so soon after the death of a spouse. However, after coming back to Nigeria and witnessing the church scene, I completely understand it. Not making excuses, just stating facts. If the man does not get marriage out out of the way, the whole church would be focused on who will be the next wife, and the competition would be FIERCE! I could tell you so many stories of the things I have seen . No be small thing at all! So therefore, let the man marry.  I think that its very indicative that he did not even look within his church, but went all the way to Kenya. We don’t choose who we fall in love with of course, but he probably avoided a lot of chaos that way. I do not begrudge him the right to remarry at all o. I just wish women his situation would have the same freedoms! Well, such is life.   This is what he had to say to Encomium magazine concerning the subject matter:

“It is how I have chosen to do it. I have decided to move on. I found out that even 10 years will not be enough to forget my late wife. 20 years still will not be enough to forget my late wife. The time anybody remarries has nothing to do with your former partner. And that’s one thing people fail to understand. We were married for many years and suddenly I was left alone. It’s about many things, companionship. Once that person close to you goes, you can never forget the person. It is a matter of picking up one’s pieces and moving on. I can’t forget Connie, she was my life, it’s just about moving on. I don’t listen to people. If you re-marry or don’t re-marry people must talk. I thought I wasn’t going to re-marry but God said that is not his plans for me. He chose Emmy Kosgei for me. I chose to trust God more than my mind. I am looking forward to having more children.”


Pastor Madubuko will marry Emmy Kosgei by the end of August. See info here. Looking forward to reporting on this wedding!


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  • I pray GOD grants them the grace to forbear with one another. Amen. The age gap between them will require a lot of persevearance to manage.



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