From Charity to Aisha – on Pastor Raymond Uzoechina’s battle to “save” his daughter.

I am sure that you have all heard this story. If not, here is a brief synopsis:

Aisha Uzoechina

Aisha Uzoechina

Charity Uzoechina left her parents’ home in Abuja to attend school at the Federal polytechnic Bida.  That everyone agrees on. What happened next is the subject of contention and ultimately litigation. According to Charity she read the Koran, saw the light, and chose to willingly convert to Islam. Because of fear over her father’s reaction, she chose to run to the Etsu Nupe’s palace (the traditional ruler of Nupe land) and the Sharia court for protection. She also stopped going to school (source). Her father says that it is impossible.  He said that she had been kidnapped, and was being held in the palace against her will (source). His version of events is very touching actually.  The Etsu Nupe also responded to the matter and corroborated the girl’s version of events (source) However to be clear, both the girl and the traditional ruler were interviewed with the girl still in the palace,  therefore, it was still difficult to disprove the allegations of coercion.

So who to believe? Well, the Christian Association of Nigerian waded into the matter. While they have not told us the specifics of the case, they do say that the girl’s version of events is true and that she chose to  convert to Islam, leave school and find refuge in the palace.

The General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, Rev. Dr. Musa Asake has stated that the Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar’s role in the conversion of the daughter of pastor Raymond Uzoechina  to Islam was misrepresented.

Asake’s position is coming after a closed door meeting convened by the Niger State Government with the Etsu Nupe, the lady Aisha’s (Charity), father, Pastor Raymond Uzochina and the General Secretary in attendance.

According to Asake, the meeting which lasted for about two hours brought to open the noble role of the Estu Nupe as against the previous versions.

He said “We have actually resolved the issue; there is a good understanding now especially as it concerns the person of respectable Etsu Nupe who has been misrepresented in the media”.

“It has been corrected hearing his testimony and the way we resolved the matter. I am so happy and CAN is in total support of the decisions which you will see in days to come” the CAN Secretary General said.

The CAN Secretary General asked why the father of the girl Pastor Uzoechina had severally accused the Royal Father; he said “it was so because the Royal Father has been the person in custody of the lady, so the parents have nobody to talk to but him, how did he get the custody of the lady we did not know but now we know, that is why”.

Also the Deputy Governor of Niger State, Hon. Ahmed Musa Ibeto who presided over the meeting told journalists after the meeting that it was resolved by all stakeholders that the order of a Sharia Court in Bida that gave the palace the custody of the lady who was afraid that the father might harm her would be vacated.

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Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar - the Etsu Nupe

Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar – the Etsu Nupe

Please note that Charity/Aisha’s father is a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of GOD, and he is completely baffled by this action of Charity’s. It does not make sense. Why would a girl who has been raised in the church all her life suddenly choose to adopt the hijab? Did she even willingly choose to do so? Well, it appears that the family does not have the answers, and so neither do we! What we can do is wait and see what happens if the Sharia court order that gave the palace custody of Aisha is vacated. We shall also see what happens if she goes home and maintains the conversion, then we know that the conversion is real. However, if she never leaves the Etsu Nupe’s palace, but joins the harem, then we know that there is something stinky going on.

There are a few questions that need answers though: How can a Sharia court give custody of a 24 year old to anybody? Why would the Etsu Nupe agree to that kind of custody? Even if she chose to convert, could she not find refuge in a more neutral place?
Its a weird situation that only time will unravel. We will continue to follow this case as much as possible. We hope that we will hear of a peaceful resolution to this issue, and no matter what Charity/Aisha chooses to do spiritually, at least she can be restored to her family.

Na wah!


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