Read Miracle, Tope Folarin’s short story that won him the 2013 Caine Prize for African Writing

Why am I writing ab0ut this? Because his fascinating story is entitled miracle and it is set in an African church in America. It is so well written, but also very thought provoking. Its not a story that makes you grow in the faith, rather its an expose into the kind of self deceit that goes on in many church arenas. What you have is not faith, but optimism, tradition, and perhaps even naivety. It may seem like the story mocks the faith, but I have actually been in churches like that – after swooning in endless emotion and going through the emotions, nothing changes.  Are there miracles? Absolutely. I believe in miracles, I have experienced miracles. But what a lot of churches sell is a mirage – smoke and mirrors. And it is of this smoke and mirrors that he writes so eloquently. Don’t be offended by the story, but instead be challenged to want the real thing, to experience the real thing, instead of the lack of authenticity that is presented to us these days.

You can read Miracle here. Please come back and lets discuss it. Its not a long story, but its a good one.



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