Poetry: Pain

By afeseh ngwa hilary

When pain drives you insane,
From causes you can’t explain,
Every ounce of energy drain,
Shackles of the pain of many a chain,
Life’s fast running train,
Emotionally lame,
From all the heartbreaks which came,
Threatened to maim,
Leave you without gain,
When calamities rain,
And you are caught in life’s broken crane,
When the reward for being a respectable dame,
Is a scornful disdain,
When circumstances become your Cain,
And you come back home to a future slain,
Like a lion without a mane,
At best you take sorry aim,
At tomorrow’s promise game,
When everything seems to be your bane,
Continual losses one painful cane,
It doesn’t help to feign,
So listen up dear Jayne,
Don’t turn life into one melodramatic refrain,
If need be change your lane,
Remember there is a God who knows your pain,
With the right attitude your pain is not in vain,
In God’s hands pain is a weapon for gain.


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