Church thanksgiving for Chelsea win?

I am not much of a football (soccer to the Americans) fan, and I pay no attention to the game unless the Nigerian national team is playing an important international match. I was amazed to return to Nigeria and find a massive love affair between Nigerians and European football clubs. Take last Saturdays Champion’s league final match between Chelsea football club of England and Bayern Munich of Germany. Some of my neighbors were screaming so loudly, I thought that a fight had broken out. And you should have heard the noise when Drogba scored that final penalty. It was like a herd of elephants had been let loose in the neighborhood! I did not watch the match, but I did not have to. The noise told me all I needed to know. I will never understand this phenomenon, but that is not even why I am writing this. I have since heard that Nigerians in NIGERIA, went to church to offer thanksgiving for Chelsea’s win on Sunday morning.  Incredible! Dont believe me? Check this out:

We have seen various extortions by pastors and priests in various churches but d use of foreign football clubs to grind out more money from happy or expectant fans is so novel and creative one. Today my church was almost blue in colour and when d thanksgiving was announced, Chelsea fans that took over d whole place. They happily and freely gave thanks to God for helping a team based in far away London to win d UCL. The Men of God were grinning from molar to premolar as d donations came. I’m not even talking about reckless celebration that is still going on…leading to loss of lives


And there is a picture to prove it too. I have no words!


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  • Interesting article! Wanted to pass, but on second thought…I was reminded of my teaching on Sunday. Talk of wrong orientation about Christianity: Any church that allows celebrations and thanksgiving services for ludicrous reasons such as football games, lottery wins, etc, deserves no sympathy when anti-Christ agents strike. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that many churches of pentecostal leanings like Deeper Life and the rest of them do lose members to untimely death at the hands of persecutors; but beloved, read 1 Cor.14:12 and answer this question: Can a church where more than half of the members operate in all the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit be caught unawares? So when we hear news of bomb blasts and people dying like Xmas Chickens and Eld-el-Kabir Rams, we should ask: didn’t God reveal it? Why didn’t anyone see it coming?



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