Gay marriages responsible for global problems – Bishop Kanamani

It sure has its attendant problems, but to say it is responsible for many of the global problems…. well…. the other challenges we’ve had to deal with may all have the same spiritual root as gay marriages.

gay-rights-picBishop Emanuel Kanamani of the Anglican Diocese of Maiduguri on Friday said gay marriages were responsible for so many problems in the world.

Kanamani stated this during the 2016 Synod of the diocese in Maiduguri. The Bishop, who described the act as “madness of the highest order”, regretted that those who reject gay marriage were regarded as primitive people.

“If men marry men and women marry women then who will give birth to the next generation.

“They said it is freedom, but I assure you it will render negative effect to the entire society,’’ said the clergyman.



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