Worship Sanctuaries: Christ Believers Miracle Church,Ado-Ekiti.

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Why are we pasting church pictures?

The background to this column can be seen here , but here is an excerpt: The idea is actually not original to me. I had a good friend who used to subscribe to a conservative Christian magazine. One day, I leafed through it and came across a simple picture of a church on one of its pages. Nothing dramatic, just the church and where it was located. Every week the magazine would feature a different church from around the world. I always looked out for African churches, and noticed that only one type of church was featured – dirt floor, wooden benches—you know! This column is not about fighting stereotype wars or anything like that. I just like the idea of documenting our churches. But if we are going to do it, we will do it properly. We will put up pictures of ALL types of churches – rich churches, poor churches, big churches, small churches, churches in rural areas, churches downtown. We will even show pictures of churches whose theology we disagree with.

We will not say much when we post these pictures, but we want you to think as we begin to gather this information about the churches, what they look like, and the context within which they exist. For instance, can you see if the church has enough parking space? Is it in a residential area? Does the building look dangerous (like it is likely to collapse)? Is the architecture inspiring? Does it look sound proof or is it a source of noise pollution? What can we learn about who we are from the types of churches we attend? Do not forget, we welcome pictures from our readers. If you see a church building in Nigeria that intrigues you for any reason, please take a picture and send to us at contraculturemag@gmail.com.

Today’s picture – Christ Believers Miracle Church,Ado-Ekiti– Click on the picture to view in a larger size



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