I led my father to Christ – Owen Nlekwuwa

Owen Nlekwuwa, a trained architect and Senior Pastor, Olivet Bible Church, Festac, is the fifth child of nine children born to the family of late Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Grace Nlekwuwa in Ogbaku, Mbaitolu Local Government Area of Imo State. The consultant builder, who is also a youth transformer, speaks on his life, ministry, marriage, youth transformation and others


Owen-Nlekwuwa-aAs an Architect and Pastor, how do you combine church, architectural drawings and building?

Well, I used to combine the two but it got to a point, I discovered that I couldn’t handle the both of them again. I needed to give more attention to my ministry. I like architecture and I’m very good at drawing.

Then, when I get a contract and there is no time for me to do it, I hand it over to my church member, who will build it. I may draw the plan but will not build. Architectural drawing is an interesting job.

Could you share a brief of your educational background?

My primary school education was partly in Imo and Abia states. I attended Federal Government College, Enugu for my secondary school education and finished in 1979 before I proceeded to the Federal School of Arts and Sciences, Aba, where I got direct entry to the University of Lagos (Unilag) to study Architecture.

I graduated with Bachelors in Environmental Studies and Master’s of Environmental Designs in Architecture in 1986. After graduation, I moved to Bauchi State for my National Youth Service Corps between 1986 and 1987, where I taught at the Government Technical College, Gumau in Toro Local Government Area.

What has been your experience since then?

When I look back, I thank God for saving me when He did. If He hadn’t, a lot of things would have gone wrong with my life and family. It was after I got saved that I began to pray for the salvation of my family and today, everybody in my family is saved. My father died four years after he had given his life to Christ. My father took me to the church, but I led him to Christ.

Architecture is a tasking job and when combined with running of a church, it becomes a bigger challenge, what are your major challenges so far?

The major challenge is lack of time to handle both of them. Having said that, there are regular challenges that go with the ministry, such like resources. No matter the vision and level of anointing you have, you need resources to run the ministry. Without the appropriate resources at hand, you can’t do much.

But the greatest challenge on this axis is getting the members to see what you see and align it with the purpose of God. Ministry goes with a lot of criticisms and even while Jesus was on the cross, He was being criticised.

They said to him, “you saved others but you couldn’t save yourself.” No matter what you do, someone out there, and even within, will have a cause to criticise you.

But I’m learning how to master the criticisms and weather the storms when they arise. It can be more disturbing and hurting when the people who should understand you are the ones championing such acts, but in all, one has learnt to depend on God.

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