NHS Psychiatrist in the UK sacked for recommending TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV to patient

Typical Nigerian. unfortunately, he tried it in the wrong place…, quite unprofessional. 

NHS doctorA NHS psychiatrist in the UK Dr Julius Awakame, 50, has been sacked after he advised a patient to get help from TB Joshua’s 24-hour church TV channel, Emmanuel TV because she might be possessed by demonic ‘special forces’.
According to UK Daily Mail, Dr Julius recorded medical notes diagnosing the woman as having a history of ‘satanic ritual abuse’ and said her issues could not be addressed by regular treatment. 
So instead he told her to watch Emmanuel TV, adding: ‘neither psychiatry not psychology would be able to help because there are special forces at play.’

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  • Anonymous

    And he has been let off. No warning nothing. Leaving patient and patients family to pick up the pieces.why and how can this be right. So does this mean the GMC agree with his statement?



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