Nigeria: We Must Pray Against World War 3 – Prophet Abiara

We can’t keep pretending it’s not seeming like it’s brewing, we need to pray!

prophet Abiara1World War 3 might be imminent with the current happenings on the face of the earth and prayers must be offered up to prevent it, General Evangelist, Christ Apostolic Church, World wide, Prophet (Dr) Samuel Kayode Abiara, has said.

He emphasized the need for the whole world to pray against third world war, going by the series of attacks, rate of terrorism and bloodshed across the globe.

“We must pray against World War III. There is no good news coming from our media people again. Any newspaper you pick, it is death, death and death and the same goes for the television. There is terrible situation going on around the world now.

“Terrorism has become the order of the day. From Boko Haram, which has caused restlessness in Nigeria, to the ISIS that is currently tormenting the Western world and even the crisis in the Middle East, peace has eluded the earth. As men of God, we can’t fold our hands, pretending that nothing is happening. Our contribution is to lead the people before the most high God and seek his face.



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  • Isaiah

    See the crisis. The third world war is already been start. People dieing each and every day cause of gun fire poverty hunger. We need to pray to God for the wrong we have done. God is very angry if us because we don’t understand his word. We just read Bibles like we read history books. We don’t know the meaning Bible. Bible from today on Bible should mean something you to me like God is speaking to you or to me and from that we will know what exactly God needs. If we do not care all of us will die to the internal death for ever .Third world war should also mean something to us .Is it the end of the world or not if it is the end of man kind. Then it means we should pray so that God can forgive us and stay to his right hand and have the internal life .



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