I have no reason to attack Tinubu – Tunde Bakare

No doubt, Pastor Tunde Bakare can be easily misconstrued, but He usually minds his choice of words. he knows what he’s saying.

pst bakarePastor Tunde Bakare has replied those who said he hates and likes to attack the former governor of Lagos, Bola Tinubu that there is no basis for attacking the politician, except in the figment of the imagination of some people.

He said this in a recent interview with TheNEWS in Lagos. “Sometimes what looks like an attack is truth. Why would I attack Asiwaju? Talking of politics, he has paid his dues. People were not there when I preached the message and that really celebrated Tinubu. That he single handedly fought the PDP to a standstill in the southwest. I sent him the tape. Do you understand me?”

He expressed disgust at a situation in the society where, the moment you focus on issues, they reduce it to personalities. “May I ask you the question maybe that would throw light on areas that you call criticisms by those who do not know the difference between critique and a negative comment? Shall I …

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