Zimbabwe deports five Nigerian pastors and arrests two for prophesying Mugabe’s death

Prophets and Prophecies! A certain measure of spiritual maturity is required so as not to mess up this scriptural spiritual office. It takes spiritual maturity to know what to do with whatever God reveals to you(if He does reveal to you). It is not every supposed prophecy that is of God, also if it is of God, He may want the recipient to pray about it to avert it without even mentioning it to anyone, or give the warning to the concerned person without any publicity. Prophecies are now treated with levity because certain heartless pundits have used (and are using) them to swindle unsuspecting individuals of their resources, that is not to say that God doesn’t still reveal events, He still does, but do ‘prophets’ really hear from Him? The case of these Nigerian Pastors prophesying the death of a sitting president is in whose interests? The Zimbabweans or to massage pastor’s ego?  God’s word says Prophecies are for edification, exhortation and to give comfort. If it is of God, it is really not to difficult to tell. There’s a spirit in every believer and He knows all truths.

zimbabwes-president-robert-mugabeZIMBABWEAN security officials have arrested two Nigerian clergymen from the Liberation City World Outreach Ministries (LCWOM) deported five of their members and banned their leader from entering the country after he prophesied that President Robert Mugabe would die soon.

In a sign of growing paranoia by President Mugabe, his security men arrested the two Nigerian pastors along with local cleric Pastor Joseph Magorimbo, who had convened a convention. All three were questioned for hours over a prophecy by LCWOM leader Pastor Chris Okafor in October last year in which he predicted President Mugabe’s death.

Pastor Okafor had been planning to attend the convention called in Harare by Pastor Magorimbo but he has been denied entry by the authorities. Pastor Okafor had predicted that Zimbabwe would have a new president by March this year.   In what is becoming a growing trend, Pastor Okafor is not the only man of God who has prophesied President Mugabe’s death over the past few years.

In January, a controversial but hugely popular Malawian prophet, Austin Liabunya, predicted the supposed impending demise of the Zimbabwean leader.   Malawian publication the Maravi Post, reported that Prophet Liabunya had predicted, during a New Year’s Day service, that President Mugabe would pass away this year.

With his prediction following that of Pastor Okafor, Zimbabwean officials are getting more nervous about such prophesies.

On Sunday, seven members of Pastor Okafor’s church had arrived in Zimbabwe to prepare for his grand arrival at the conference. However, five of the Nigerians were deported instantly on arrival and the other two, who arrived on a different flight, were allowed into the country but taken for questioning, along with Pastor Magorimbo.

Sources say that Pastor Magorimbo and the two Nigerians were questioned for five hours, with the local clergyman accused of inviting Pastor Okafor to Zimbabwe. Pastor Magorimbo, was later released while the two Nigerians were bundled into a truck and taken to an unknown destination.

Pastor Okafor was supposed to arrive tomorrow today but he has since cancelled the trip. Pastor Magorimbo’s lawyer, Jonathan Samkange, confirmed that state security agents had quizzed his client and the two Nigerians, although it is not yet clear where the two Nigerian clergymen are at the moment.



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