Kwara Graduates 25 Christians’ Leaders

Haggai institute was founded by Dr John Edmund Haggai to equip recognised leaders with tools to evangelise their immediate community by being models and examples of uprightness.

UniversityThe Director of Haggai Institute in Ilorin, Kwara State, Professor Folu Ologe, has said that 25 people graduated last weekend in various field of specialisation in leadership and uphold goal setting and integrity in different area.

While briefing journalists during a press conference, Prof. Ologe, said the leadership training institute, Haggai Institute, was founded by John Edmund since 1969.

“I agree we have leadership problem in Nigeria. However, we also have unique and blessed leaders in Nigeria. May be the problem is that the quantity is not sufficient to bring about all the impact needed for our development”, he said.

The university don, who canvassed for integrity, accountability and focus among Nigerian leaders, said that Nigeria would be a better place if every Nigerian holds up integrity as a watchword.

“This country will benefit much more from people with minimal skill, but with high level of honest disposition, rather than from people who are very skillful but dishonest. A skillful person who is dishonest, is a very dangerous person because he has the skill to get away with his dishonesty, he said.



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