Preaching against corruption should begin from the pulpit —Osameyan

Apostle-OsameyanApostle (Dr) Nicholas Dayo Osameyan is the Founder/General Overseer of His Grace Evangelical Movement Inc., headquartered in Ibadan. While speaking on the church’s 40th anniversary celebration, he also mentioned  his expectations of the Buhari-led administration, among other issues.


What are your expectations of the Buhari-led administration?

I thank God for what He has done for the country. God allowed Buhari to be there. We have prayed and fasted for this country and what we are asking for is a new Nigeria. Buhari has a good vision for this country and we should support him to succeed. All we need from the government are the basic things; good roads, security and electricity. Nigerians can create jobs for themselves if given enabling environment. God will intervene in the affairs of this country and our image will be redeemed.

With your background in leadership, what is the role of the church in tackling corruption?

The church’s role is very vital. Pastors need to preach against corruption from the pulpit. We should also question fishy sources of donations to the church. We need to teach the people biblical ethics, especially the youths. We should teach people to be godly at home, in places of work and the society in general. In Zambia in 2001, the Christian leaders in Zambia held a conference on the role of the church in preventing corruption and they came up with issues on the need to support the anti-corruption commission, preaching against corruption from the pulpit, encourage people to be faithful at their places of work. I believe we need such in Nigeria. After all, these corrupt persons attend religious houses.

What next after 40 years?

The figure ‘40’ in biblical context is a time of trial, if we consider the journey to Canaan. By God’s grace, now is the time to step into our place of rest. This season will usher in a release of God’s power and anointing like we have never experienced before so we can play our role in Nigeria and in Africa. I am very passionate about Africa.

You were in the north for a while. What would you recommend to curb the rising state of insurgency?

I believe in the power of prayers. We pray that by the grace of God, the situation will be curtailed. There have been great wars in the Bible that were stopped through prayers. We believe our prayers will be answered and soon, insurgency will be a thing of the past. The proposal to dialogue with terrorists is confusing, maybe because I’m not a politician. How can you dialogue with someone who kills with reckless abandon? A sinner must be ready to suffer for his sins as the Bible states. Maybe if they repent anyway, we can welcome them.

Do you support government cancellation of sponsorship of pilgrimage?

I support the cancellation 100 per cent. Some people are hungry and we’re supporting pilgrimages. Whoever wants to go on pilgrimage should fund himself/herself. Unless they want to send security or protocol to accompany the pilgrims, that’s different. What are people going to look for in Jerusalem or Mecca? God is everywhere. It should be cancelled.

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