‘C&S crisis led to church growth in Nigeria’

…. as if God never had anything to do with it. Historically, there had been deviations from the original principles upon which  the denomination was founded which has also in way projected them in a particular shade, as perceived by other Pentecostal or Charismatic denomination. 

cherubim and seraphim logoThe General Secretary of the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, popularly known as C & S, Dr. Napo Emuchay, has attributed the proliferation of churches in Nigeria to the internal crisis which hit the C & S in 1929.

Emuchay, who described the C & S as the university of all the churches in Nigeria, said on Monday that many of the other denominations in the country were founded by erstwhile members of C & S, who moved out in 1929 over inability to abide by the tenets of the church.

Emuchay said this in Lagos while briefing journalists on the programme of events lined up for the 90th Anniversary of the church.

He said, “In 1929, we had internal crisis which is not unexpected in a place where you have people from different cultures and traditions.

The C&S crisis led to church growth in Nigeria.

“We have a tradition in this church- if you don’t play by the rules of the church, we would suspend you, or you will be disgraced.

“Some of the members who were dismissed or who did not want to be controlled in accordance with the doctrine and practices of the church went out and opened their own churches, and some people followed them. That is what led to the proliferation of churches.”

Emuchay also traced the origin of some of the traditional activities in the Nigerian churches, such as night vigil, the act of prophesying, singing and dancing, to the C & S, adding that the activities were initially criticised when they started in the C & S.



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