What a Prophet told me about Mount Zion Ministries –Gloria Bamiloye

Gloria Bamiloye

Mrs. Gloria Bamiloye is the vice president of Mount Zion Films, worldwide, a global trotting film production evangelist, who over the years has been an inspiration to several Nigerians, much the same way she added value to the lives of those that have encountered her.

A woman of class, Gloria, the wife of the acclaimed number one Christian movies evangelist, Mike Bamiloye strikes you with her impressive personality at first meeting. In this chat as reported in Newswatch, She talked about her journey into Christian movies, the challenges and what a prophet told her in the beginning of the ministry.

Our God is good and His mercy endures forever. The Mount Zion Faith Ministries was established in the year 1985. And by the grace of God, the ministry will be 30 years in August this year. Looking back to the beginning of the journey that looked like a childs play, one cannot but give glory to God for his mercy.

I could recollect when I told my parents we were called into drama ministry, it sounded so strange to them. They wondered: could God call someone into acting. We heard of Pastors and other Christian ministries. But what is drama? An entertainment pursuit?

They wondered, “Is there any future in this thing you are doing?” Some of our parents even regretted ever sending some of us to school. They were greatly disappointed because it was so strange to them and it was also new to the church of God.

As a result of this, we were not fully supported by our people and even by the church because, drama to them, then was of the world and to them, it was not spiritually wise for any child of God to venture into such “worldly” thing. But some of our fathers in faith agreed with us by faith since we said, the vision was from the Lord and they prayed for us.

There were drama in the churches acted only during festive time; they were mostly biblical stories, acted by children and few adults. So, there was nothing for us to see as examples or things to look up to as an encouragement except the word spoken to us by God and the full assurance from the Holy Spirit of His plan for the Vision. He assured us He is in charge. As we waited in His presence in prayer and the word, we kept on moving on believing God was going somewhere with the vision.

So many times, we have to convince some pastors to allow us minister in their churches by going to them with letters of request for permission to allow us minister. This was because the ministry of drama was new and strange to them.

But as they began to see the result of our ministrations, how people usually trooped forward to give their lives to the Lord, they became convinced that God must have been in this thing and gradually the doors began to open and invitations started coming in to the extent that we could no longer cope with the demand. This later moved us to begin a full time ministration in the year 1989

This new step led to series of travels in and outside of the country, especially to some African countries for drama ministrations in churches and Christian programmes.

I remember we were coming from the northern part of Nigeria where we had been for some weeks for drama ministrations in churches and we were being invited by a church in Ibadan for their convention, the Pastor of the church was reluctant to allow us minister when he saw us looking shabby and rough in appearance due to the long journey and we had only come to present ‘ordinary’ drama. He then told us he would only give us 30mins to present the full length play of 1hrs 30mins.

We agreed and we started the presentation, he stopped us at exactly 30 minutes, and we were about to start parking our loads when he stepped forward and told his people that as he was watching the drama, the Lord told him to pay attention and to tell his congregation they were not watching an ordinary drama and they should all pay attention, he then told us to continue the presentation. It was awesome as the Lord manifested His power greatly after the drama.

The man of God brought us into his office and began to prophesy and to tell us what he saw when we were acting on stage. He said our pictures will be seen at the farthermost corner of the earth. And he was trying to look for a world map to explain better what he saw.

And true to this word from God, we eventually started making movies. And today to the glory of God, Mount Zion movies have been to so many places in the world. People call and mail from so many countries testifying to great things God has done in their lives and families through Mount Zion movies. Not only from Christians, but also from non-Christians.

And as we travel out to other countries of the world. We meet people thanking God for our lives and for the great work God is doing through our movies To God be the glory.

Now it has been 30 years! Has God being faithful?

Oh yes, He has been so faithful. The vision is indeed for an appointed time and at the end, it shall speak. And today, the vision is indeed speaking. Even though it was indeed a time of small beginning and our God always takes His time to train and prepare whoever He would use.

The vision is speaking as I can say with joy in my heart that Christian drama and film productions have come to stay. Many churches and individual are venturing into making Christian movies in and outside the country.

So many people from all works of life and professions have graduated from Mount Zion Institute of Christina Drama as students and are now fully engaged in acting CHRISTIAN drama and films. Many churches now have drama arm and ministers in their churches and also engage in movies making.

How did you enter into drama ministry?

I entered drama ministry as a young girl who just love to serve God. And that was the school drama group of college of education, and later a member of Mount Zion faith ministry.

I got married in the ministry as a full time drama minister; I have all my children in the ministry and the Lord settled and established my life and home in the same ministry together with other ministers. Now we have biological and many spiritual children from all over the world following our step in the same drama ministry. All these are God’s faithfulness. He is indeed a faithful God.

But I will conclude by saying thirty years is still very small compared to what God said He would do, so the drama still continues.



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